Assignment First



  以中国的美容诊所为例,介绍了新西兰式疗法在中国的开展情况。将插图被打开的目的旨在为中国客户提供正确的皮肤护理的产品似乎构成适当的结构,增强工作以及产品的结构是为了吸引人。美容师的建议是由公司承担,以获得适当的吸引力的客户。因此,这个过程可以很容易地抓住市场。因此,工作人员包括两名美容师和其他工作人员,由化妆品使用知识构成(Powers and Needles, 2012)。它可以被适当地描述为通过以便宜和可靠的价格提供产品来增强。诊所必须提供免费的样本,因为直接体验的产品被描述为更有说服力的性质,和提高的目标很容易得到诊所。因此,诊所所做的架构清楚地显示了产品的结构,这是非常必要的,采购与库存控制必须由诊所保持,以备在这个竞争激烈的市场时代。这将使市场获得人们的吸引力,公司也可以创造一个成功的商业环境。


  对诊所的销售情况进行预测,从而决定诊所的销售业绩。这家诊所有望在未来三年的运营中不断扩大。长新街更适合这个生意,每月每平方米大约9新西兰元。这家店将占地约90平方米,有水疗室、手术室、体验室和接待室。该诊所将提供身体乳液、面部美容、足部和手部保护等美容产品。产品的销售将取决于客户的购买行为(Rahman, 2015)。销售预测将有助于估计公司未来的销售和盈利能力。销售额的增加意味着业务盈利能力的提高。该店还将提供新西兰保健产品。


  Explanation of business operation, purchasing, stock control and staffing

  The opening of the New Zealand Style of the therapy in China is depicted in the way that explains the beauty therapy clinic in China. It will be illustrated to be opened with the purpose of aiming at the providing the Chinese customers with the right skin care and the products seem to be constituting of the appropriate structure by showing the enhancement of the work and also the structuring of the products is being made for the purpose of attracting the people. The cosmetologists’ suggestion is being undertaken by the company for the purpose of gaining the appropriate attraction of the customers. Therefore the market can be captured easily by the aid of this process. Therefore, the staffing includes the two cosmetologists with the other staffs who consist of the knowledge regarding the usage of the cosmetics products (Powers and Needles, 2012). It can be appropriate depicted to be enhanced by providing the products at the cheap and reliable rates. The clinic must provide the free samples since the direct experiencing the product is depicted to be more persuasive in nature, and the enhancement of aim can be easily gained by the clinic. Thus the framework made by the clinic clearly shows the structuring of the product which is very much essential, and the purchasing with the stock control must be maintained by the clinic to standby in this competitive market era. This will enable the market to gain the attraction of the people and also the company could be able to create a successful business environment.

  Projection and justification of forecasted sales and profit scenarios

  The sales of the clinic will be forecasted that will determine the sales performance of the clinic. The clinic is expected to grow in the next three year of operation. The Changxin street would be more suitable for the business, which is about NZ$9 per square meter each month. The shop is going to take about 90 square meters with a spa room, surgery room, experience room and reception. The clinic will provide beauty products such as body lotions, facial beauty, feet and hand protection. The sales of the products will vary depending on the purchasing behaviour of the customers (Rahman, 2015). The sales forecasting will assist to estimate the future sales and profitability of the company. The increase in sales means an increase in the profitability of the business. The shop will also provide NZ healthcare products.