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  本篇代写文章-科学方法讲了尽管专家判断通常涉及一组在特定领域相关的专家,以评估他们在特定选择中的确定性水平,尽管考虑到关注的各种变量。从专家那里获得的不同态度可以积累起来得出结论(Rosqvist et al., 2001)。同样,专家的选择程序有时也会很困难;但是,如果包括未经训练的专家,特别是希望有一大批专家的地方,通常就会出现这种情况。专家给出的是非正式的知识,他们的判断通常被认为是决策的依据,然而,这种判断并不是没有偏见的。因此,评估这些判断背后的假设和理由是很重要的。这将有助于决策者确保所有相关信息都得到了考虑。本篇代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  In your view, how might the scientific method both use expert judgement, but still be vulnerable to bias?

  Even though Expert judgment usually engages posing a set of specialists concerned in a specific field to assess their level of certainty in a specific option though taking into concern varied variables. The diverse attitudes attained from the specialists can then be accumulated to come to a conclusion (Rosqvist et al., 2001). Similarly, the procedure of expert selection can occasionally be hard; however this is usually the case when untrained experts are included, particularly where there is wish for a big group of experts. Experts give informal knowledge and their judgments are usually considered for decision-making, however, this judgment would not be free of bias. Therefore, it is important that the assumptions and reasons behind such judgments are assessed. This would help the decision maker twin sure that all the relevant information has been considered.

  Thus, bias can effortlessly be initiated. Biases can occasionally be initiated when experts create beliefs because of a variety of motives which are not in the control of the forecaster. The most widespread types of biases are structural biases, cognitive biases, frame of mind, and motivational biases, etc.

  The scientific method would involve the calibration which is important that is comparing the unknown procedure or to the prescribed standard or the right procedure so that a match can be made. It can be seen that the experts can’t be completely calibrated however the feedback provided on the results of events can lessen but not totally remove the biases that obstruct calibration. So as to use the scientific method by the expert and avoid any bias, it is important that the experts were consulted for assessing the risk can quantify there is all can quantify their beliefs in terms of probabilities. Whatever judgment or suggestion that is provided by the expert, it must be supported with proper information or data so that the dependability on the judgment can be assessed. Even if there is not extensive data available, and then on the basis of judgment should be known.