Assignment First

  本篇代写- 项目范围评估与管理讨论了项目范围是一组声明,声明什么应该是项目的组成部分,什么应该从项目中删除(Fiala, 2014)。这个项目的主要目的是为尼泊尔餐厅开发一个新的网站,为餐厅的顾客提供更好的体验。这个项目将使顾客能够享受他们选择的食物,并在网上订购食物,并提供适当的跟踪信息。这将有助于收集顾客的购后反馈,从而引导餐厅服务的改进。这将为客户提供最新的消息。这个项目的范围是参照软件开发过程开发的。项目设计、编程、测试和维护是软件开发中的步骤。本篇代写文章由加拿大第一论文Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Project Scope Assessment and Management:

  Project scope is the set of the statements that state that what should be the project comprised of and what should be ousted from the project (Fiala, 2014). The main purpose of this project is to develop a new website for Nepalese restaurant for providing a better experience to customers at the restaurant. This project will enable the customers to enjoy the food of their choice and to give online order for food with proper traced information of their order. This will help in recieving post-purchase feedback of the customer that can lead the improvement in the services of restaurant. This will provide the customers with updated news. The scope of this project was developed in reference to the software development process. The project design, programming, testing, and maintaining are steps in software development.


  Following works were done in the completion of project

  Preparing a project plan that includes the project milestone, project meetings, project requirements, project quality management, and time management in the project for completion of the project effectively.

  Identified requirements for developing a website that include menu, logistics information, the promotional link of the social network, order processing, and others.

  Designed and embedded attractive photographs and interface for the functional components in the project such as menu, logistics information, and promotional link of the social network, order processing, and user profile.

  Executed programs so as to realize the developed functional component by using photographs and interfaces designed in the website.

  Arranged person for maintaining the website, receiving the order from customers, disseminating the information and confirming the order and delivery.

  Tested the working of the website to ensure whether it meets all the requirements and expectations of the project, aesthetic appearance standard, and navigation of the website.

  The project stakeholders such as Customers, Restaurant, Website Maintainer, website developer and others