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  本篇代寫-預防氣候變化的措施講了氣候變化已經發生了一段時間,作爲快速工業化的結果。氣候變化的一個關鍵方面是過度使用化石燃料。氣候變化對中國的影響將是嚴重的,因爲所有促進中國經濟增長的因素都將受到影響,經濟將不會繁榮。中國已經採取了強有力的措施來減少對化石能源的依賴,轉向可再生能源。政府在確保這些措施方面的作用是重要的,因爲必須考慮的因素是宏觀經濟,因此必須推動所有部門實現這些目標。本篇代寫文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Measures to prevent climate change

  The most important factor that has been considered by a lot of countries is to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels. The employment of fossil fuels for power generation and other industrial use has been reduced. For example the Chinese government has focused on use of renewable resources, especially solar power and hydro generation.

  Twelve Chinese provinces have pledged to reduce the emissions by cutting down use of coal. These provinces have switched to renewable sources of energy. Such steps would certainly reduce the effect on climate. This is because the use of fossil fuels increased tremendously owing to rapid industrialization.

  China has also collaborated with countries such as USA for exchange of technologies that can be used in achieving the results set by the government. One of the targets that have been set by government in China is to increase the forest cover in the country. This will ensure that larger green cover is there. Lastly it is also ensured to develop energy efficient buildings and industries so as to reduce the energy consumption and rely more on renewable sources to meet the energy requirements (Henderson, Song and Joffe, 2016). Steps have also been taken to develop promote low-carbon development of transportation by developing modern technology in this sector as well.

  It is important to note that the actions have been taken to reduce the impact of industries while the agriculture sector has not been considered for such changes. This is because the industrialization has been the major factor in impacting the climate and there is huge potential to take measures and ensure that factors impacting the climate are controlled.


  The discussion in the essay shows that the climate change has occurred over the period of time as a result of rapid industrialization. One of the key aspects of climate change is the excessive use of fossil fuels. The impact of climatic change will be severe for China as all the factors contributing to its growth will be impacted and thus economy will not flourish. China has taken formidable steps to reduce its dependency on fossils and switch to renewable energy. The role of government in ensuring such measures is important as the factors that have to be considered are macroeconomic and thus all the sectors have to be driven to achieve the targets.