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代写作业 :什么是“好的设计”和元素?




代写作业 :什么是“好的设计”和元素?

“Good design,” as also quoted by Rams, “makes the product useful.” That is, if the amateur designer makes a shoe for women but that shoe hurts their feet, and then is it a good design? The design is considered a beautiful product when great imagination or the result of the idea is achieved. It is the projection of the idea and the imagination using the method of visual representation. Design is not just placing different pictures together or arrangement of those pictures in the manner that helps in the creation of a story. It is more about the creation of synchronization among the diverse characteristics and their presentation as the final product that is, undoubtedly, extraordinary in its appearance and usability .

代写作业 :什么是“好的设计”和元素?

The Elements of a good design are explained as follows:

The elements of a good design are regarded as the guidelines used by the graphic designers and artists. Elements of design are the main fundamentals of paintings, designs, drawings, or any other visual design piece of visual appearance.
The most fundamental of all the designs is the line. In layman’s world, the line just means the stroke of line but in the professional field or the study of design, a line connects any two dots. Line can be utilized for separation or creation of space among different traits or to give central emphasis to differing elements .
The different emotions are conveyed through the direction, weight and character of the line and it also aids in evoking myriad reactions.