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  本篇代做assignment-苹果公司案例研究讲了迄今为止,苹果专注于开发基于产品创新和聚焦差异化战略的产品;公司需要专注于低成本的发展战略,以吸引更多的消费者。在这个过程中,越来越多的混合型消费者会因为只关注某一类消费者而被疏远。当它最初成立的时候,市场是在一个不同的情况下运作的。这些年来,关键的成功因素已经发生了变化。本篇代做assignment文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Apple has so far focused on developing products based on product innovation and focused differentiation strategy; the company needs to focus on low-cost development strategy to include more consumers. There are a growing number of hybrid consumers who will be alienated in this process by focusing on any one range of consumers. When it was originally founded the market was operating in a different situation. Key success factors have changed over the years (Logman 2013). There has been a rise in hybrid consumers. Hybrid consumers in the modern era seem to have a preference for brands that have diversified product range (Logman 2013). Apple is surviving because of its unique differentiation strategy there is a need to develop a diversified product range to sustain. Company should create product lines that is cost effective and caters to hybrid consumers (Keiningham et al., 2015). Many of its competitors are able to sustain and grow using this strategy. Intensive focus on target demography by the company is not advisable. There are a growing number of competitors in every one of the services and products developed by Apple hence to sustain in the future there is a need for change from the current practices.

  Corporate strategy of a company can be defined as the overall direction and growth of a company in lieu of its objectives. Corporate strategy of a company can be divided into linked strategy and constrained strategy. Linked strategy of a company is defined as linked diversification (Logman 2013). In this strategy companies are incline to form business ventures with other companies. Constrained strategy is ensuring that the consumers buy key products and service deliverables of the same company.