Assignment First

  本篇代做assignment-人力资源测量框架讲了BFG的敬业度和文化方面更重要,也是改进的核心领域,因为它更现实地处理员工的问题。此时,BFG的管理层需要对员工进行离职管理。人力资源测量框架是人力资源管理的一套不同的方法,因为有不同的框架与人力资源管理相关。在BFG的案例中,更合适的人力资源衡量框架是工作场所的敬业度和文化。本篇代做assignment文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Engagement rate- Engagement rate of employees is another aspect that measures human resource effectiveness of organisation. Employs shall be included in decision making process; BFG shall value employee’s ideas and recommendations. BFG’s HR department shall motivate employees so as to engaging them in business operations.

  Engagement rate of employee can be measured by survey and questionnaire session and more favourable (in terms of percentage) response will lead to more engaged employee with organisation. HR manager needs to identify and implement employee’s engagement factors so as to increase engagement rate.

  Turnover rate- Turnover rate can be define as the rate which measures turnover of employee i.e. inflow and outflow of employees in organisation. There are various factors that leads to higher turnover rate and same issue BFG has been facing. Since BFG had consolidated its 5 offices, many employees had left BHG and many do not find future growth. This is the main reason of high employee turnover. Management of BFG has to regain trust of employees, needs to show them growth and engage them in decision making (Stone, 2014). Another important aspect that BFG has to manage is its grievance system or policy. Under this policy, grievances faced by employees in BFG shall be overcome. Employees are not satisfied with recruitment and selection process at Sydney call centre therefore management or HR Committee shall resolve this issue.

  Exit interview- HR department has observed that many employees have left their job because of different reason. Therefore HR manager or HR assistants shall conduct exit interview to know deeper issue or reason of leaving job. BFG needs to identify exact reason of quieting job so that better course of action can be applied.

  Engagement and cultural aspect in BFG is more important and core area of improvement since it undertakes employee’s issues more realistically. At this point of time, management of BFG is required to manage its employees in terms of employee turnover. HR measurement framework is a set of different approaches in terms of human resource management as there are different frameworks related to HRM. In present case of BFG, more appropriate HR measurement framework is engagement and culture at workplace because:

  BFG is facing transitional problem i.e. after consolidation of 5 offices. Therefore trust among employees in terms of their future growth needs to be regained. This requires improvement in working culture or environment (Bach & Edwards, 2013).

  For controlling employee turnover rate, employee engagement programme is more important as employees of BFG are losing their interest.

  Since it can be observed that complaints has been lodged in high quantity both in terms of customer complaints and staff complaints. Employee engagement and culture framework operates or manages both internal and external issues of the HRM function of organisation.