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  本篇代做assignment-台湾学生在英语环境中的互动能力讲了本研究的目的在于探讨雅思口语及听力成绩是否反映台湾学生在英语环境下的互动能力。在文献回顾中,本研究的一些目的是为了找出台湾学生在英语学习环境中所接触到的在继续高等教育中说英语的形式。已有研究探讨了英语学习环境对学生技能提高能力的影响。也讨论了他们在东道国所面临的机会或问题。本篇代做assignment文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The purpose of this research is to establish if the IELTS Speaking and Listening Scores reflect the Taiwanese Students’ ability to interact in an English speaking higher education environment. Some objectives of research that will be covered in the literature review are with respect to identifying the forms of English speaking in continuing higher education that Taiwanese students are exposed to in an English study environment. The existing research studies the impact of the English study environment on the student ability to improve their skills. The opportunities or the issues that exist for them in the host nation are also discussed as well.

  2.2. There are issues related to the MOE, when it comes to the Taiwanese English Student Environment. However, other motivational aspects can be identified as seen in the case of Su (2006) research. There appears to be a lack of cohesiveness when it comes to students’ working together on English language learning tasks (Su, 2006). Students seem to lack the sense of cohesiveness which would lead to grouping and aid them in group working tasks. Where they are able to work as groups, they have better motivation.