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浪漫主义音乐是在法国大革命的社会和政治压力时期发展起来的。它主要是在民族主义倾向中发展起来的。浪漫主义作曲家的思想是把音乐作为一种工具来回顾自己的情感和创作。由此观众可以了解到原作者的先入之见。它是一个强大的表达工具(Kravitt, 497)。它能够在压迫时期结合现实主义。正因为如此,人们的意识形态发生了变化,他们认为音乐本质上是为精英阶层服务的。古斯塔夫·马勒是浪漫主义运动中最著名的音乐家之一。他出生在奥地利,是一位著名的作曲家。来自德国的理查德·瓦格纳是另一位著名的作曲家,他的创造力和深情的音乐使他获得新生。本文旨在对这两位著名艺术家的音乐创作进行分析。


马勒的作品仅仅是交响乐而不是歌剧。他创作了十部交响曲和许多其他动人的作品。马勒创作的音乐作品中,情感因素的影响是巨大的。他是历史上浪漫主义时期的主要艺术家之一。他的作品经常关注死后的生活(波特斯坦6)。在音乐创作中可以看到一种清醒和忧郁的效果。许多接受他作品的观众认为马勒创作的音乐是一种忧郁。他有能力让人们在他表演的时候有感觉。他以创作“Das lies von der Erde”和“Lieder eines den Gesellen”而闻名,“Das lies von der der Erde”翻译成“地球之歌”,“Lieder eines den Gesellen”翻译成“旅行者之歌”。他死后,他的声望下降了(波斯坦23)。然而,马勒的作品突然获得了强烈的认可。他的作品对著名音乐家和作曲家的音乐创作产生了深远的影响。



多伦多大学代写 :浪漫主义音乐家的简介

Romanticism music was developed during the social and political stresses periods of the French revolution. It was primarily developed during the nationalistic tends. Ideas of the romantic composer were to use the music as a tool to retrospect on their own emotions and compositions. From this the audience can understand the preconceived moods of the original composer. It was a powerful tool of expression (Kravitt, 497). It was able to combine realism during the times of oppression. Owing to this there has been a change in ideology of the people that music was essentially for the elite. Gustav Mahler was one of the most noted musicians of the romanticism movement. He was born in Austria and was a famous composer. Richard Wagner from Germany was another famous composer who was renewed for his creativity and soulful music. Purpose of this analysis is to undertake an analysis of the musical composition of these two famous artists.
Gustav Mahler
Mahler’s compositions were solely symphonic rather than focusing on the operas. He had created the 10 symphonies and a number of other moving compositions. There was large-scale influenced of emotion in the musical renditions composed by Mahler. He was one of the major artists who belong to the Romanticism period in history. His works often focused on life after death (Botstein 6). There was a sobriety and melancholic effects that could be seen in the musical composition. Many audiences who receive his works consider the music created by Mahler to cause a melancholy. He had the ability to make people feel during his renditions. He is renowned for creation of “Das lied von der Erde” which translates to “The Song of the Earth” and the song cycle “Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen”this translates to “Songs of a Wayfarer”. After he died his popularity waned (Botstein 23). Nevertheless there was a sudden strong recognition that has been given to the works of Mahler. His works has profound impact on the musical compositions by eminent musicians and composers.
Richard Wagner
Wilhelm Richard Wagner is a German composer. He also directed theatre plays, and he is a strong political critic who uses his words and music to express his emotions. He is well known for his works in opera (Kravitt, 497). Unlike conventional musicians of his era, Wagner writes the libretto along with his musical compositions. Some of the famous works by Wagner includes Overture from Tannhauser, Overture from Meistersingers von Nuremberg, and Prelude from Tristan und Isolde (Wagner, Goldman, and Sprinchorn.7) and Libestod from Tristan und Isolde to name a few.