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  本篇多伦多大学代写-越南战争研究案例讲了北越的人口大约是1600万。第一个受欢迎的领导人是吴廷琰,他的苦恼也可能使中国卷入这场冲突。由于游击队的缘故,他们实际上是天主教徒。他憎恨整个共产主义。因为同样的原因,他得到了美国的全力支持。他的统治是在多米诺理论兴起的那个时代。根据这一点,任何一个在远东地区实际上反共的人都有可能得到美国的支持。这是真的,即使他们的背景没有那么强大。因此,他实际上和哥哥Nhu一起以独裁者的形式统治。他们的政府是完全腐败和野蛮的整个地区支持美国。本篇多伦多大学代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The population of North Vietnam was around 16 million. The very first popular leader of the same was Dinh Diem who was anguish may also bring China in the conflict. As a result of the guerilla troops, the actually a catholic. He hated the entire communism. Because of the same, he had the entire support from America. His rule was during that era when Domino Theory was on rise. According to this, any one person who was actually anti-communist in the region of Far East was likely to be backed by America. This was true even if their background was less powerful. Thus he actually ruled in the form of a dictator along with brother Nhu. The government by them was completely corrupt and was brutal throughout the entire region backed by USA.

  After the year 1956, Viet Minh become much more active from the perspectives of military. The guerrilla soldiers were not called as the Viet Cong. They began to attack some of the soft targets in the southern parts. They also made the use of Ho Chi Minh Trail which was held 1000 m along the border. The training of the Viet Cong army was done by the commander named as Giap. He learned the different these tactics from the China based communist when they used them against the war with Nationalist Chinese forces. It was also expected by him that his troops would fight. In the meanwhile, Johnson had started to do the bombing in North Vietnam and sent the marine troops in the South Vietnam. He had the intention of fighting the limited war. Also, they were worried as such Vietnamese continued to hold for long against the US Army. Though, Massive bombings had a little impact on the decentralized economy of North Vietnam. President Kennedy had favored the counterinsurgency warfare in the Southern part of Vietnam and had also endorsed this strategy.

  He further raised the referendum for the formation of Republic of Vietnam. During this time, there was pressure on Ho Chi government for issuing the secret resolution which called up for the armed struggle in the southern part. The situations in South Vietnam continued to deteriorate further with the rise of corruption. In 1961, the John F Kennedy government gave more aid, money and weapons. He also increased the US advisors in South Vietnam to 16000.