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他们的博客仍然能够吸引大量的读者和访问者。在这些博客中,有一个开放的专栏或记者的观点,他们在这些博客中发表他们对各种新闻事件的看法(Alexander, Breese &Luengo, 2016)。他们为用户提供了一个门户来表达他们对这篇文章的看法。这增加了消费者的交互。增加了活跃受众的作用,也增加了这些公司的广告。

多伦多大学论文代写 :社交媒体的广告宣传策略


支付每点击营销PPC,它涉及支付每点击一个网站收到一定数量。PPC是一种革命性的新技术,用于监控观看广告的消费者数量。更容易维护访问特定站点的人数的记录和文档(Alexander, Breese & Luengo, 2016)。这被发现是一种有效的方法来监督实际访问该网站的消费者的数量。在这些方法中有更多的个人联系。

多伦多大学论文代写 :社交媒体的广告宣传策略

In this heuristics the owners of the website try and purchase banner ads of the popular website portals. This ad remains on the website for days or months. It has been found that the Return of Investment is high in these banner ads.
Blogs they are still relevance to attract large amount of readers and visitors. There is an open ed column or opinion pieces of the journalists who post their views about various news events in these blogs (Alexander, Breese &Luengo, 2016). They have a portal for the user to voice their opinions about the piece. This increases the consumer interaction. The role of the active audience is increased and it also increases the advertisement of these companies.

多伦多大学论文代写 :社交媒体的广告宣传策略

Infographics ,It is the technique of combining images with minimal textual content to explain about a topic or provide statistical information about a particular data or research. Modern day consumers have an increasing number of advertisements. The companies use tools from Buzzfeed or Pinterest to improve the image based content.
Pay per click marketing PPC,It involved paying a certain amount for each click a website receives. The PPC is a revolutionary newer technique that is used to monitor the number of consumers who look at an ad. It is easier to maintain a record and documentation of the number of people who visit a particular site (Alexander, Breese & Luengo, 2016). This is found to be an effective method of overseeing the number of consumers who actually visit the site. There is increased personal connect in these methodologies.