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  本篇多伦多论文代写-莫尔顿湾水质的问题讲了河口是许多红树林、沼泽和沿海湿地的家园。这是非常关键和重要的苗圃和蔓延的鱼。因此,评论家认为,为了保护包括各种动植物在内的许多自然栖息地的生命,保护水道是很重要的。因此,为摩顿湾制定一个长期可持续的水质计划是很重要的。本篇多伦多论文代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Before discussing about long-term sustainability of water quality in Moreton Bay, it is important to have a discussion on the reason behind why it is at all needed to have this long-term plan (Mackay, Arthington and James, 2014). Thus, here are few points that would actually shed light on this fact:

  Moreton Bay is an Ecological Asset

  According to various critics and the scholars, the floods, estuaries, wetlands and lakes are the important natural assets. It actually supports the diverse population of not only the animals but also the plants. Wetlands are important for the environment because they are highly important and productive for the environment, and the resources that are available in the wetlands have been exposed to exploitation for centuries (Tsuzuki, 2015). Along with it, support is being provided to the breeding of the tidal wetlands and the mangrove swamps and nurseries for many of the commercial fish species. The waterways and the floodplains are important in this case because it has to play an important role in the movement and the cycling of the nutrients and the sediments (Eslami-Andargoli, Dale, Sipe and Chaseling, 2010). It also provides support and strength to the agricultural in many regions. Estuaries are important here because it lays a connection between the downstream and the catchment areas (Barnes and Barnes, 2011). Moreover, the estuaries are home to many mangroves, many marshes and coastal wetlands. It is something that is very crucial and important for the nursery and the sprawling of the fishes. Thus, critics are of the opinion that it is important to protect the water ways in order to protect the life of many of the natural habitats, which includes various species of animals and plants. Thus, it is important to have a long-term sustainability water quality plan for Moreton Bay (Tsuzuki, 2015).