本篇essay代写-帝国主义政策讲了美帝国主义就是在这一时期发展起来的。它是经济、文化和军事的影响。这是美国决定扩大其外国领土的时候。它最初是由总统James K Polk推广的。虽然国家经济有了进步,但为了公司的利益,国家还是决定去更多的国家旅游。本篇essay代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Imperialistic Policy

  American imperialism was found to develop during this time. It is the influence of the economic, cultural and military influences. This was the time when America has decided to expand its foreign territories. It was initially popularized by the president James K Polk. Even though there was economic progress in the nation, it was determined that the nation should visit more countries for the company to maintain profit.

  Platt amendment was signed during this time as a part of the Army Appropriation bill. It had postulated seven condition for the withdrawal of the United States into Cuba. Of the pledges, it was deemed that the United States was to intervene unilaterally into Cuban affairs and allow the pledge to lease land into the United States for its naval basis. Theodore, Roosevelt president believed that the US controlled canal in Central America was integral for the strategic interest for the nation. Some areas of the Panama Canal were under the influence of the French. This was purchased by the United States. This was formalized by the Spooner act in 1902. Panama was a part of Colombia. In 1903, Hay-Herran treaty was signed but the Colombian government refused to validate the agreement. It was during this time that Panamanian rebels started to pursue for independent Panama. The Panamanians gave control of the Panama Canal zone on February 1903 (Foner 663).

  Rise of socialism

  The role of capitalism had profound impact in the economy, but it did not lead to the development of workers. The middle class America was largely overlooked. During the early 20th century, there were significant support from trade unions, social reformers for the development of socialist agenda in America. Unions in the state asked for basic 8 hour working days, wanted to end child labor and ensure that there was real reform for the middle class. They wanted to ensure that the women and the children in the population was treated equally.

  There was a growing prominence of missionary activities in the state. There was influx of Catholics, Lutherans in the state. Nevertheless. the American culture was dominated by the Anglo Saxon protestant community. There was some fundamental transformation that had occurred in the nation during this time. There, they established a number of parochial schools, charities, and hospitals to help the people in need. The notions of socialism were welcomed in the nation as the middle class workers and the requirement by the masses was overlooked. Eugene V debs was a prominent politician who was able to garner around 1 million votes during the presidential election. It was during this time that there was also elected representatives from the state, legislators, and mayors. The party was also very vocal for United States participation in World War I. The factional war in Russia caused the group to be disenfranchised. This rise in socialism and socialist agenda was a general apprehension by the working class.