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essay代写:e -选择素的细胞粘附分子

内皮细胞表达一种叫做e -选择素的细胞粘附分子。在人类中,SELE基因编码e选择素。e -选择素与乳腺癌细胞表达的e -选择素配体特异性结合,通过转化为牢固的粘附[5][6],在乳腺癌细胞与内皮细胞粘附中发挥重要作用。



essay代写 :e -选择素的细胞粘附分子

Endothelial cells express a cell adhesion molecule called E-selectin. In humans, the SELE gene codes E-Selectin. By specificity binding to E-selectin ligands expressed by breast cancer cells, E-selectin plays an important role in adhesion of breast cancer cells to endothelial cells by conversing rolling to firm adhesion[5][6].
Leukocyte in response to normal and pathological inflammation for wound healing, atherosclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease and arthritis binds to the vascular endothelium. From this process, it entails a case of events known as initial tethering, rolling, firm adhesion and extravasation. In the first initial process, the circulating leukocytes tether to the endothelium. This is because of the leucocytes interaction with the erythrocytes. This leads to the leukocytes to be concentrated towards the vessel wall. The first initial contact between them is because of the mechanical properties. Nevertheless, for the tethering process, there is a prerequisite for the interaction to occur between leukocytes and the endothelium. After the process of initial tethering, the leucocytes roll in the direction of blood flow in the system. It successfully detaches itself from this process. The rolling behavior is uniquely owing to the velocity that is typically 10 to 100 fold lower than leucocytes exhibiting non-adherence characteristic. In this process, there is a need to factor in the rolling velocity. Once rolling is initiated, the activated leucocytes migrate across the endothelium to the extravascular space or the extravasation. For all these processes, there is a need for the leucocytes to have successful cell molecular interaction. Hence, a combination of molecular interaction and mechanical nature of the leucocytes are a prerequisite for this action to be initiated. To further understand the dynamics of this situation, biophysics can be used to understand the nuances of the situation.
It has been found that the cells carry negative charge on their external surfaces. This leads to the formation of weak colloidal bonds owing to the impact of electrostatic and weak Vander Waals interaction.