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essay代寫 :公司人力資源戰略規劃

作為第一步,應該利用現有員工的績效。使用現有員工的成本更低。加班費較高的員工將在旺季加班。他們不會被要求工作超過8小時。然而,在旺季,員工可以選擇多工作2小時(Armstrong and Taylor, 2014)。






essay代寫 :公司人力資源戰略規劃

The strategic objectives of the company are to serve the people with quality, unique and customized health programs. The employees are dedicated to prevent people from developing ailing health conditions. There will be importance given to the quality of life of the people. This programs should be financially viable.
The target of the hiring and developing the staff would include creation of an environment where the people are oriented towards providing holistic care. The staff should have knowledge about the health and the latest technological trends.
The company plans to increase the staff by 15% in anticipation of future needs and enrolment plans.

essay代寫 :公司人力資源戰略規劃

As a first step, there should be leveraging of the performance of the existing employees. It costs lesser to use the existing employees. The overtime for the employees with higher pay will be offered during the busy season. They will not be asked to work more than 8 hours. Nevertheless, the employees would be given a choice to work for 2 more hours during busy season (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).
During times of high consumer traffic temporary contractual workers will be hired.
Newly hired employees will be paid according to the competitive standards and the pay will be higher than minimum wages provided to the employees.
There will be funds allocated towards training and development of the employees.
The return of investments will be calculated based on the tangible membership enrollments and the intangibles factors such as improvement in the quality of services.
Key Performance Indices will be calculated and the people will be paid according.