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  本篇essay代写-合同法讲了这是合同的后合同阶段。合同的结算是根据合同前阶段的合同类型来确定的。本应在合同中明确规定解决的具体任务。该结算将基于要约和承诺(Vogenauer, 2013)。这种合同的结算通常是在合同周期的末尾;然而,根据合同条款,合同的部分结算可以在合同条款的执行阶段进行。本篇essay代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  This is the post contractual phase of the contract. Settlement of contract is determined from the type of contract that is drawn in the pre contractual phase. There are specific mandates that should have been explicitly defined in the contract regarding settlement. This settlement will be drawn based on the offer and acceptance (Vogenauer, 2013).

  This settlement of contract is typically during the end of the contractual cycle; nevertheless, based on the contractual terms part settlement of the contract could happen during the action phase of the contractual terms.

  Health and safety issues, Title of property and Tort Law

  Duty of care is the ethical and permissible reasonable care that should be ensured by the concerned parties (Vogenauer, 2013). In the case of IT firms involved in software development it should ensure that there is proper duty of care. This should not affect the well being of the stakeholders involved in the business operation and ensure that the receiving parties do not face any issue due to the commencement of business operations.

  Duty of care of software companies is to ensure that there is no privacy violation of the parties involved in the contract (Vogenauer, 2013). It is the duty of the contract manager to ensure that the specified business operations do not violate the duty of care of the company.

  Tort law is considered to be the implied terms while framing contract. Tort falls outside the purview of the tangible contractual obligations. In the case of contracts all terms are explicitly defined. Any breech has its own potential issues (Vogenauer, 2013). Nevertheless, tort law considerations also discuss about the breech of duty of care. This is a form of civil law that explains about the implied efforts that need to be undertaken by each stakeholder of the contract.

  Tort laws unlike the contractual laws are not based on consent or explicit agreement between the two parties (Vogenauer, 2013). They are enforced in conditions where there is blatant breech of duty. Contractual law has clauses that have definitive implications for each breech in duty of care.

  Intellectual proprietary information is very important for the case of Software companies (Vogenauer, 2013). There is a need to ensure confidentiality privacy of the stakeholders. It is implicitly understood that there is a duty of care to protect data and information.

  Tort laws are generally created when there is intrusion in the safety of people involved in the contract, breech of duty of care, liability, and privacy of the people involved.. Tort law claims are subjective (Vogenauer, 2013). They are deciphered from the intention and consideration of the activities of the parties involved in the contract.