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essay代写-How are black holes distributed。像xmm -牛顿和钱德拉这样的x射线望远镜在低x射线能量水平下已经探测到了x射线宇宙。通过聚焦于高能x射线,NuSTAR将开始回答关于宇宙的各种基本问题,比如:
















essay代写-How are black holes distributed。X-ray telescopes like XMM-Newton and Chandra at low X-ray energy levels have detected the X-ray universe. NuSTAR, by focusing on higher energy X-rays, would start to answer various basic questions regarding the Universe like:
During the explosion of massive stars, how were heavy elements forged?
Through the cosmos, how are black holes distributed?
What is the source of power for the active and extreme galaxies?
The primary science objectives of NuSTAR include:
To study the birth of the elements and at the same time to comprehend how the stars explode by mapping radioactive material in young supernova remnants.
By using Galactic center and wide-field surveys of extragalactic fields, conducing a census for black holes on all scales
Understanding the source of power for the giant cosmic accelerators and observing the relativistic jets which are found in the most extreme and active galaxies.
Moreover, NuSTAR would also research regarding the extreme physics revolving around the collapsed state. Also, so as to study the origin of the cosmic rays and also responding to the targets of opportunity which encompass gamma-ray and supernovae bursts. The discoveries which were made by Spitzer and Chandra would be followed-up by NuSTAR and would make simultaneous observations by teaming up with Fermi to enhance the science return of Fermi. It was on 31 July 2014 that NuSTAR accomplished its primary mission and is currently on an extended mission.
Some of the achievements by NuSTAR in its primary mission are:
The rare blurring of the black hole light was captured by NuSTAR
The most sensitive solar portrait of the sun ever taken in high X-rays was captured by it
In supernova remnant, it created the first map of radioactive material
The spin rate of a black hole was definitely measured which had a mass of about 2 million times more than the sun
Found that the black hole could be a neutrino factory
The brightest pulsar ever to be recorded by discovered by NuSTAR

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