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  A hazard as defined in the context of occupational safety and health is a source of harm or negative heath effect on the person or persons in the workplace. Risk is the likelihood that the person or persons in the workplace suffer an adverse health effect because of the occurrence of the hazard. Given this definition, the hazards that can be identified at The Rocks are:

  Assaults and robberies happen in the hotel location and undocumented reports exist that guests have been assaulted and had to be taken up to the hospital. The dimly lit area poses a hazard.

  There is a visitor policy in the case study where any number of people can check in at reception. This is a hazard where strangers or robbers could walk in and could lead to physical injury of workers or clients

  Lift is unreliable and this poses a health hazard for senior citizens and others who might get trapped in the lift when it breaks down during operation

  First Aid at the workplace is not reliable, so workers have to go to external clinic, leading to the hazard of delay in medical care for injuries or other health necessities

  Staff induction training is not conducted which leads to the hazard of stress for workers

  Untrained and skill mismatched workers have led to the hazardous use of a cleaning substance causing contact burns and breathing difficulties for workers and also clients (undocumented)

  Improper documentation increases health hazards for clients to the place and workers

  Improper or inadequate labelling of chemicals leads to health hazard for the staff using the chemicals and for client exposed to the area treated with the chemicals

  No proper SOPs for food and alcohol service exists in the place and this could lead to health hazards in the context of a high profile event such as the one being planned for in case study

  The overbooking will lead to issues for customers. They would get dissatisfied and hence would be exposed to stress.