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  本篇essay代写-交通领域的可持续发展努力讲了运输部门一直在增加。预计到2030年,全球客运量将增长50%,货运量将增长70%。这意味着到2020年,路上的车辆数量将是现在的两倍。一个城市交通的发展暗指经济的发展。然而,化石燃料的大量使用、温室气体的排放、污染程度的增加等因素导致了可持续性问题(Horne et al., 2016)。在旧金山和墨尔本,人们注意到交通系统的容量增加,到达不同地点的公共服务使用增加。这种增长在很大程度上是不成比例的。本篇essay代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Sustainable Development Efforts in Transport

  The transport sector has been increasing. It is estimated that by 2030 the global passenger traffic would rise by 50% and the volume of freight will increase by 70%. It means that by 2020 there will twice many vehicles on the road. The growth of transport in a city is alluded to be indicating the growth in the economy. Nevertheless, the factor of high use of fossil fuel, greenhouse gas emissions, increasing level of pollution causes issues in sustainability (Horne et al., 2016). In the cities of San Francisco and Melbourne, it has been observed that increase in volume of transport system and increased use of public services to reach different locations. The growth has been largely disproportionate.

  San Francisco

  For the city of San Francisco, creation of Sustainable transport mobility for all programs. These require the global actors to steer mobility towards the right direction. Transportation Sustainability Program (TSP) is developed to expand and improve the San Francisco transportation system to aid towards newer growth. This is an innovative and integrated approach San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has been planning. SFMTA has created a variable parking system to avoid congestion in parking (Opp, 2016). Many efforts are taken to improve the transit circulation. Some of the results of this initiative are that here are the lowest multi-modal emissions per passenger for the city. The city has managed to develop lowest multi-modal emissions fleet that is largest in the country. This is the hybrid-electric bus fleet. The level of air pollutants such as PM and NOx have been the lowest from 1997. 50% of the city transport is based on zero emission vehicles (Opp, 2016). Added to this, the city has been collecting money in the forms of parking fees and other methods to create innovative methods to reduce the air pollution and traffic in the region (Yam et al., 2016). Many current ongoing efforts use digital applications and street kiosks to link the transportation modes. This would enable the traveller to receive information on the parking spaces and the public transport that is to be made available.