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  本篇essay代写-快时尚产业讲了快时尚是一种跨越光谱的现象。由于快速时尚产业的发展,许多企业已经成长起来。它们可能会导致对环境的危害。然而,它们也对经济产生了一些积极的影响。在接下来的章节中,我们将探讨快速时尚的优势和问题。本篇essay代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The fast fashion is a phenomenon that is observed across the spectrum. A number of businesses have grown owing to the development of the fast fashion industry. They might lead to the jeopardizing of the environment. Nevertheless, they also have a number of positive impacts for the economy. The advantages and the issues of fast fashion have been probed in the following sections.

  Recompenses of Fast Fashion

  Fast fashion leads to the paradigm in which the emerging economies can foresee success. The people are promised of a glorious future by these fast fashion trends. All the stakeholders are given the perception that the fast fashion can only lead to the satiation of the needs. There is a global workforce that have developed in this process. There is the notion of globalized workforce working to meet the needs of the people. The persona of fast fashion was previously considered to be the most lucrative option for the developing nations. The globalization of the fashion industry has become intense in the past couple of decades. There is the continual urge to increase the production of cheaper garments. According to the statistical data in 2012, there was 42% of imports that were done from the Chinese markets. Apart from this, Bangladesh and Turkey accounted for 26% of the world supplied. These caused the economies of these nations to grow considerably. There was continual growth in the emerging economies, based on which the disposable income of these nations grew by 7%. This leads to the increase in the quality of life in the developing nations (Gabrielli, Baghi & Codeluppi, 2013). The people were able to meet their basic physiological demands such as food and shelter by these fast fashion trends. There is no need to gain a number of degrees in the process and the people can have the basic technical knowledge about the industry. The people and the local businesses in the emerging economies are satisfied that their basic needs are met.

  The global apparel market is valued to be around 3 trillion dollars. This accounts for 2% of the world GDP. The fast fashion industry has many segments. The women’s wear industry is valued to be around 621 billion dollars. The menswear industry is valued to be around 200 billion dollars. The general retail value is valued to be around 339.45 billion dollars. The children apparel sects are around 187 billion dollars and the footwear industry is around 90 billion dollars. Of this the bridal wear industry is evaluated to be around a 60 billion dollar industry. The sheer volume in the economics of the fast fashion industry deserve special mention (Cagliano et al., 2014). The people gain immediate money by venturing into this business. There is a strong stand that the people can gain money by this process. They meet the immediate needs of the businesses and are considered to be a lucrative viable option by the businesses that are involved in the fast fashion industry.

  The emerging economies overlook the significant social and ethical issues that are associated with the textile industry. There is the reduction of the production times that lead to them garnering profits.

  There is an eclectic choice in the manner of clothing and the attire of the people. These help the people to have a variety of designs as well. The scarce supply of the products makes the people feel that they are wearing a unique design that resembles luxury fashion at a lower rate. There is the incentive for the consumers to keep buying clothes that meet the current style paradigm. There are more choices for the consumers and these factors make these clothes very in demand. They are in vogue and give the impression of the luxury ensemble.

  The key marketing strategy of these companies is based on the paradigm of making the individuals feel unique and special. They cater to multiple segments of the society and cause the people to buy products at competitive prices.

  This perception of fast fashion has led to growth and all the stakeholders are satisfied in the process.

  According to a consumer survey report, there is increase of 11% of the sales of these products for the fiscal year 2014. The people across the spectrum especially the western nations feel that these lower cost and exclusives designs meet their needs. These lead to increase in sales. The economy of the emerging nations and the manufacturing countries are found to be immensely benefitted from this paradigm.

  Owing to these benefits, it is stated that the fast fashion industry has been benefited immensely. Nevertheless, fast fashion is found to have detrimental impacts on the society and the people. There are also ramifications for the environment. The economy of other related sectors is affected by this industry. There will be analysis done to understand the nuanced negative detrimental impacts that these fast fashion brands cause on the economies of the nation. They are elucidated in the section below.