Assignment First

  本篇essay代写-泰坦尼克号展览讲了在“想象展览”的总统频道,汤姆·扎勒(Tom Zaller)创建了这个展览,以鼓励游客与泰坦尼克号上的乘客产生联系。这次展览通过真实再现泰坦尼克号的房间、娱乐设施和人工制品,成功地揭开了泰坦尼克号神秘的处女航和最后一次航行。它非常有效地将泰坦尼克号定位为历史上最豪华和第三大的蒸汽船。该展览吸引了各个年龄段的观众,并通过船的视觉、灯光、声音甚至气味等方面的真实生活体验来取悦他们。它还会给每位游客一张登机牌,上面有1300多名实际乘客的个人信息。因此,它取得了巨大的成功,给观众带来了巨大的快乐和兴奋(《泰坦尼克号》展览,2017)。本篇essay代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The president of Imagine Exhibitions, Tom Zaller has created the exhibition to encourage visitors to feel connected with a passenger’s journey on Titanic. The exhibition has been successful in unravelling Titanic’s mysterious maiden and final voyage through real-life replications of its rooms, recreations and artefacts. It has very effectively positioned Titanic’s place in the history as the most luxurious and third largest steam ship ever. The exhibition appeals to audience of all age groups and delights them with real life experiences in terms of sights, lights, sounds and even smell of the ship. It also gives each of its visitors a boarding pass with personal information of one of the 1300+ actual passengers. It has thus been a great success, giving immense pleasure and excitement to its audience (Titanic the Exhibition, 2017).

  The audiences enter through a short gangplank are greeted with a souvenir photograph at the entrance. The exhibition guides passengers with the help of placards, explaining the ship’s history and interiors. The visitors start their tour from the first-Class cabins, the grand staircase, lower-class cabins and then the boiler room that powers the steam engine. The last locations are the promenade deck with depiction of a starry night and finally the iceberg (Price, 2016). The whole tour is coordinated with appropriate sound and weather effects, an absolute stunner reminiscing the timeless era of Titanic. To add on to this real-life experience, visitors can smell the scent of coal when they enter boiler room with engine sounds. The deck of the ship is breezy and cool to give a feeling of a sailing ship.

  Another room is decorated with photographs and evidences including newspaper reports with insights of the disaster that drowned the mighty ship and the loss of lives.