Assignment First

  本篇essay代写-沃达丰公司的品牌宣传讲了该公司希望扩大其视野和服务营销类别,为消费者提供服务,并把失去的消费者带回这个过程。人们也被发现使用最具成本效益和功能的服务。澳大利亚消费者重视所提供资金的成本价值(给定2015年)。沃达丰利用这一点赢得了消费者的支持,并在当前市场上维持了下去。本篇essay代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The Globe paradigm suggests that the people of Australia are found to be more individualistic and look for services that cater towards their needs. There is also a collectivistic ideology that adds to the brand image (Kraus and Strömsten 2016). These have been determined from the application of the academic models. Politically, the country is a stable democratic system and the companies need to ensure that the several ethical mandates and the regulations are met. The issues are analyzed form the macro environmental perceptive.

  Analysis of the issues

  The company wants to expand its horizon and the service marketing category to provide services for the consumer and to bring back the lost consumers into the process.

  The people are also found to use services that are most cost effective and functional. The Australian consumer gives importance to the value of cost for the money provided (Given 2015). Vodafone has used this to gain patronage among the consumers and to sustain in the current markets.

  The company also faces a number of regulations form the ACCC. From the technological standpoint, the people are found to be continually looking for innovative services. There is adequate infrastructure in the nation that would foster any business endeavors (Pavlidis and Hawkins 2015). The company operates in several nations and hence has homogenization of their processes and services. The company has not met the technological needs of the people like the brand such as Telstra and hence is facing loss of consumers (Galluzzi et al. 2015).

  The people in the nation are faced with several options. The people are generally open to try out the newer brand and switch to services with the most innovation (Lane, Tiwari and Alam 2016).

  The company has decided to focus on the service marketing sector. This has led to the company to try or provide a newer service for the consumers (García-Ochoa Mayor and Bajo Davó 2016). By using the broadband services, the companies are able to garner the lost brand image. The people of Australia also give a lot of importance to the brand image. The company is trying to win back the lost patronage of the consumers through this process (Berridge 2016).

  Hence the company is planning to build on the existing brand image to gain more customers and bring back the lost customers in this process.

  Underlying all these efforts, the company also maintains the CSR efforts that it takes to ensure that this expansion polices do not tread upon any unethical practices.