本篇essay代写-消费者行为讲了消费者行为大致可分为影响消费者购买行为的决策和选择。营销人员经常分析影响消费者购买模式的因素。消费者行为分析是了解市场趋势的关键。它不仅有助于研究过去,而且市场研究人员甚至可以据此预测未来。情感和逻辑推理在很大程度上影响着消费者购买特定产品的决定。本篇essay代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Consumer behavior is broadly classified as the decisions and choices that a consumer makes that influence his purchasing behavior. The marketers often analyze the factors that affect the buying patterns of consumers.

  Consumer behavior analysis is very crucial to understand the market trends. It cannot only help in studying the past, but market researchers can even predict future by this. Mostly, emotions and logical reasoning affect the consumer’s decision of buying a particular product.

  Factors influencing consumer behavior:

  Purchasing power- Each consumer is likely to first analyze their budget and then decide to buy a certain product. Segmenting consumers based on their buying capacity helps in determining potential consumers and hence achieving better results.

  Group influence-Every consumer is affected by the group they belong to. Family, friends, and acquaintances have a large influence on the choice of the individual.

  Personal preferences-Personal choices, likes, dislikes, and values have a big impact on consumer behavior. Advertising helps in manipulating the personal choices a bit, but it is the personal preference that ends up with greater influence.

  Economic conditions-The prevailing condition of the market has a big impact on the spending capacity of the consumers. A positive economic environment makes consumers more confident while making purchases.

  Marketing campaigns-Advertising is capable of changing a consumer’s opinion to a certain extent. They influence the consumer behavior and help in bringing out not-so potential consumers.


  A recent example of change in consumer behavior is the sudden shift towards vegan and organic products. It has influenced the biggest companies and has given a big chance to smaller, relatively newer companies to establish themselves in the market.

  Understanding, analyzing and interpreting consumer behavior is extremely crucial for companies to retain and improve their position in the market.