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essay格式 :伦敦国家剧院的建筑构造

Architectural buildings are not constructed for the purpose of functionality alone. It is used to emulate the functional and as well as the beauty and design of the building. It symbolizes the original theme and the beliefs of the architect. It has been found that these forms of representation are the main themes that have been construed while analyzing the architectural significance of a place. Hence, in order to fully understand the dynamics of the architecture the real importance of the building should be understood. Many such buildings in the past have been destroyed owing to the natural events or due to the activities of men. However some architectural building is found to withstand over time giving people insights about the historical significance of the building. The intricate structure and nuances of the building design has been analyzed in this process.
Purpose of this analysis is to look into the National Theatre of London and analyze these aspects in great detail. The overall functionality for which the building has been created along with the description and commentary of the objects has been elucidated in detail in the following analysis. From this insight about the building and its importance along with its relevance has been analyzed in the following.
As mentioned earlier Brutalism theme was essayed in this construction. This theme was popular in the last 1960s and had a tremendous impact on the architect. Many of the themes and motif were from this form of expression. The theme of expression and the arrangement of the motifs show the people the dexterity and the profound insights of the original architect. There is only mixing of some elements to create a post modernist interpretation of arts. This in itself should be lauded.
The overall structure of the building represents a nuclear weapon and is used to emulate the struggles and the triumph of the people during the times of World Wars. Hence the material and the actual structure of the building have been in lieu of this ideology.
The material that has been used for the construction of the project is wholly made of concrete, stainless steel, dark wood and concrete. These are dark motifs that are used to symbolize the sombre theme. There are many kinds of materials that are used to emulate the theme of making sure the arts were truly appreciated. The acoustics of the place also ensured that the people will appreciate the true musical cognizance. Minimal kinds of materials have been used to symbolize the opulence and the grandiose nature of the building. This minimalist material has enabled the people to understand the symbolization of what the material entails. The reason for using concrete is that it is an intractable material but it can be used to symbolize beauty and enhance the visual aesthetic appeal of a stutter if treated different. It is the theme that has been intended by nature and using reinforced concrete only bolsters this argument. Sturdiness and the visual aesthetics have been balanced beautifully in the building based on how it has been treated. Inside the building, the structure has been designed to ensure that there is ability to feel the sombre attitude reflected in the building.