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个人陈述 :英国企业的商务、创新和技能部

The department for BIS is the economic growth department. The department is responsible for investing in skills as well as education for promotion of trade, boosts innovativeness and helps individuals to initiate and grow their businesses. The authority is also responsible for protecting customers and reducing the regulation influence. The responsibility for this department lies in the following:
Allow businesses to work with providers of high education to allow entrepreneurs the skills they require for competing in a market with global employment.
To support development as well as innovation in the science and research industry of UK is crucial for economic growth as well as development.
To ensure that the customer law has fairness for the customers as well as the businesses and that customers have their rights and have the ability of using them in the most effective manner.
To support businesses in UK to enhance their productivity and compete in the highly globalized world
To offer better regulation through cutting the regulation amount and make it easy to acknowledge that businesses can help to cut costs, time and be highly efficient.
The priorities of the government are inclusive of business and enterprises, competition and exporting, science and innovation, skills and apprenticeships, high education and labour markets. The authority furthermore works with 48 public bodies and agencies.
Department for Communities and Local Government
This department on the other hand is responsible for creating good place for people to work at and live in by allowing power to the local citizens and shape whatever occurs within this arena.The responsibilities of the department are several which make it essential for businesses. These responsibilities involve: to drive up supply of housing, increase ownership at home, devolve powers and expenditures for boosting England’s local growth and supporting stronger communities with excellent public authorities. The department furthermore has a board whose role lies in advising and supporting ministers over the policy proposals operational implications as well as their effectiveness while focusing over obtaining translated policy into appropriate results. The department under the provision of the board operates with specific good corporate governance principles which involve leadership, being effective, being accountable and being sustainable. Leadership allows the department to communicate a clear mission as well as vision to businesses and their leaders. Effectiveness provides with the capability of dealing with challenges and scrutinizing performance. Accountability on the other hand allows for promoting the transparency goal of the government by reporting in a clear and fair manner. Sustainability in addition allows the department to hold a long term perspective about what department has tried to achieve continuously.