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加拿大毕业论文 :关于印第安人仪式的故事

A story about a Native American ritual has been discussed in the story; the ritual is about the burial of old Teofilo. It is after the few days of his death that Leon and Ken find him under a cottonwood tree and decide to bury him. However, they need water for the burial, so one of the friends utilizes the idea of tradition in a physical setting. The men sprinkle pollen and cornmeal on Teofilo and at the same time they paint his face before they finally bury him. A traditional Indian burial has been described by the author and the characters utilize Christianity to add water to the burial in hopes that the grandfather might send them some rain clouds.
The setting in the story is very beautiful and it assists the reader to envision where the story is taking pace. At the time when the holy water is being sprinkled over the grave of grandfather, it seems to disappear before it even touches the ground.
The setting being presented in the story tends to play a very significant part in the conflict of the story. The preparation for the burial is described by Silko as a physical and traditional setting. Native traditions can be imagined by the reader with this setting as with an evoked atmosphere of traditional burial of Native American, the reader is able to correlate to the story.
In the conflict of the story, the setting also plays a part. The reason of unhappiness of Father Paul is that he was unable to give a proper burial to his grandfather. Since the burial was not done in a proper manner and the church did not participate in the same, Father Paul disagrees with the whole manner of burial. The story “A Man to Send Rain Clouds” utilizes the setting so that the reader could stay engaged in the actions of the character. With the help of the same, the reader was able to interpret the story. The main strength of the entire story is the scenery. The reader is being reminded of the sorrow caused by water and death by continuous used of metaphors of raincloud throughout the story. The two religions in the story are different because of the manner in which burial is conducted.