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  本篇加拿大传媒学论文代写-宜家的家具包装材料讨论的产品是宜家的家具包装材料。包装是销售过程中非常重要的一部分,因为包装的质量和效率决定了它对顾客可用的条件。主包装用于指定与产品接触的包装层。它也指放置产品的第一层包装。另一方面,次要包被称为传输包,设计用于保存许多主要包。本篇加拿大传媒学论文代写由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The product that would be discussed is furniture packaging material by Ikea. Packaging is a very significant part of the selling procedure, as the quality and efficiency of the package determine the condition in which it is available for the customers. The primary package is used to designate the packaging layer in contact with the product. It is also referred to the first layer of packaging on which product is placed. The secondary packages, on the other hand, are known as transport packages that are designed for holding many primary packages. The secondary packaging materials are used by consumers when the contents are greater in number. These are usually used by the retailers while they transport the furniture from the production site to the store (Ikea /Us/En, 2017). There are tertiary packages which are made to hold multiple secondary packages. All these packages are made for holding furniture of varying weights and sizes. The material of the packaging is strong enough to ensure that heavy furniture can be carried conveniently without any damage. The packaging of furniture at Ikea is made after the furniture is designed, so it is customized to fit the products. IKEA keeps the packages eco-friendly due to the increasing threats to the environment which is already imposed by non-biodegradable waste. The flat packing furniture enables the consumers to assemble themselves with some simple tools. It not only save materials but it also saves the cost of transportation because more pieces at the same time can be shipped.

  Figure: Flat Pack Cardboard Packaging

  Source: Laylin & Laylin, 2017


  The method of production that is used for the making the product is as follows:

  The web material is placed into a machine through a vertical seal machine with a part of web material around a tube.

  Attaching first and second parts of a closure into the fin portions of a tape to the fin portions of the web material (Elmansy, 2017).

  Conducting a cross seal of the web material downstream from the tube.

  The products are dropped into the tube and placed on the cross seal that is most recently formed.


  The management of company Ikea has implemented adequate strategies and techniques for the production of the furniture packaging material. The presentation of a product counts a lot in determining the value of the product. The value of packaging is not limited to the protection of the furniture, but it communicates significant information to the consumer. The packaging provides information regarding the positioning of the brand. Before launching of product in the market, the producer must be aware of the differences in the standards regarding the packaging format (Greenmax, 2017). The domestic rule and regulations need that the all the information should be provided to the consumers. The processes also ensure the consumers that they are getting quality products. The production method depicts the process of producing the products. The outlook of the package conveys a lot to the consumer regarding the use of the material as per the standard. The changes in the packaging method can be supported by the consumers. The processes provide significant information to the consumers.