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残疾会自动导致较差的健康结果和广泛的卫生保健需求,这与其他情况不同。然而,与其他个体相比,每个残疾人都有一些一般的卫生保健需求,因此,需要获得主流的卫生保健服务(McMurray, 2007)。与残疾人一样,健康状况不能被视为决定性因素,而是先决条件,其结果受个人因素的影响。因此,健康的定义是不同的,对于残疾人来说,健康可以被看作是极其多样化的。


通过对健康教育和健康心理学的实践意义和理论意义的研究,认识疾病与健康观念的个体意义具有重要的现实意义和理论意义。健康不能代表特定属性的突出存在,而只能根据缺乏问题、迹象、症状或疾病来定义。与这种对健康的看法有关的一些陷阱是,既把健康概念化以强调疾病。由于过分强调身体的某些部位和疾病,整体上忽视了个体(Nebauer, 2011)。



This helps in distinguishing disability out of exclusion or disadvantage not in relation with health. However, the severity and presence of disability can often by in association with the socio- economic environment of individuals. Health of people conceptualized increasingly with respect to their quality of life, what can be done by the activities, in what areas there is an ability in life for participating as per their willingness, and there is long- term supports for there is a requirement to live within the community (Julian, 2014). According to some major authorities in the health industry, disability can be defined as a covering terms for restrictions in participation, limitations of activity, and impairments. Disability can be referred to as the interaction of people in a condition of health, and environmental and personal factors. These include negative attitudes, limited social support, and inaccessible public holdings and transportation.
Critical Factor
Disability automatically leads toward poor health outcome and extensive needs of health care, and this is not the same with others. However, every individual having disability will have some general needs of health care when compared with others, and hence, there is a significant needs for accessing mainstream services of health care (McMurray, 2007). As in the case of disabled people, health conditions cannot be considered determinant, rather it is the prerequisite, and outcomes are influenced by personal factors. Hence, the definition of health turns out to be different and health can be seen as extremely diversified for disabled individuals.
Comparing the Definitions
The significance to understand the ideas of illness and health individually has an appropriate acknowledgment by researching for the practical and theoretical implications related to the education and psychology of health. Instead of representing the prominent existence of specific attributes, health can be defined solely with respect to the lack of issues, signs, symptoms or disease. A number of pitfalls related to this perception of health had been both that there was conceptualization of health to lay emphasis on illness. There is neglecting of individual on the whole as overemphasis is laid upon certain parts and diseases of the body (Nebauer, 2011).
Further ahead, illness could also lead towards a number of different forms of disability. In other scenario, any illness may result in reducing active participation related to a person within the social network that includes the inability of standing or walking. Hence, this makes an individual disabled. The definition of health and illness changes as the limit of usual normal health is changed.