Assignment First





















Scene 1:
(Night, Dark Bedroom)
Here is white ball, like a full moon. When the camera turns upside down, it is seen that this is a round lamp, hanging from the ceiling with a black metal rod. The light of the lamp has been turned off.
Below the lamp, a little kid is lying on his bed, wrapped in a sheet which has dinosaurs drawn on it. The kid is having deep sleep, for which an elder can only wish for. Here the sleeping kid depicts true innocence. The sound of his breath is clear in the quietness of night. His chest is moving slightly up and down when his breath goes in and out. This kid is Dalton.
Gradually moving from his bed and exploring the dark room, there is a door slightly opened. Coming out of that door is long stretched corridor which is even darker and quitter. At a window of this corridor, a shadow of a woman is seen. Following the shadow, the woman, wearing black gown, appears standing at the doorway, staring right in the eyes.
Scene 2:
(Early morning, Bedroom)
In another bedroom, a woman is lying in her bed. She flicks her eyes open. Woman tries to open her eyes wide open after few blinks. She is watching all around in the room, which has just a bed and a cabinet. Room’s lights are unlit, but a little light is coming in passing through the curtains from the windows.
She sits up, while her man is sleeping by her side. They are Rennai and Josh.
Rennai turns back and looks at her husband. He is having deep sleep as his chest is slightly bouncing up and down due to breathing.
Rennai yawns.
Scene 3:
(Early morning, living room)
Rennai moves down through the stair into the living room. She tries her best to move quietly without making noise, but the deadly silence did not allowed her to do so. Her each step can clearly be heard in that silent dark night.
The living room is built in Spanish style with high ceiling and beams. It contains a very few items of furniture like a piano, a book shelf, a chair and table, and a lamp. There is an old large clock whose ticking sound is echoing in the house. The living room only contains numerous large and small boxes lying in piles everywhere within the room.
Wandering around the boxes in living room, Rennai turns on the lamp and puts some books from the carton into the book shelf. Meanwhile, she finds a photo album. She sits beside the lamp and starts watching the album.
After a few seconds, she realizes that Dalton is standing behind her. She calls Dalton to sit in her laps and asks him to watch old photos.
Dalton tells her mother that he does not like his room and he cannot sleep there. Rennai gives him hope that he will settle here with the passage of time, and engages him in the album.