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鉴于哈维•诺曼(Harvey Norman)在销售数据上的萎靡不振,人们预计销售数据将疲弱。尽管如此,由于可以看到许多电器零售商在抛售库存,哈维•诺曼的业务一直面临着极其艰难的环境。房地产市场的疲软也对家庭用品和白色家电的销售产生了巨大的影响。这两大挑战都与互联网销售的退出以及住房数量的疲软有关。该公司的债务设定在合理的水平,而且似乎仍有相当可观的股息,限制了股价的下跌。也有一些评论对欧洲企业的前景表示乐观,但更大的疑问是,澳大利亚的竞争水平仍然存在,没有回答omni- channel的标签线(Bruce, 2012)。该组织表示,其综合的在线营销战略将使其具有竞争能力和优势,以寻求优势,提高消费者的信心。尽管如此,该公司在新西兰和澳大利亚的在线业务将带来增量收入。公司一直在不断实施供应链和采购计划,这将为客户和供应商提供更好的信息。关键目标是保持客户在每个渠道的无缝体验。

凯蒂•佩奇(Katie Page)和格里•哈维(Gerry Harvey)的市场影响力有着巨大的意义。这对有权势的夫妇成功地领导了整个商业组织。通过多个平台的购物产品,严格的广告策略和品牌内部的信心,这对夫妇一直在网上和国际竞争对手之间为保持该国领先的家具和电子零售商的地位而斗争(Nauman, 2014)。他们还可以考虑通过增加特许经营门店的数量,逆品牌的每一个趋势,与传统零售相比,更青睐数字零售,并在自己的商业模式上更进一步。企业组织和企业家的未来将取决于如何建立业务势头和如何制定积极的报道。

加拿大代写被抓 :哈维•诺曼的业务类型

There is an expectation of weak numbers given that there is flagging of Harvey Norman over the figures of sales. Nonetheless, there has been an extremely difficult environment for the business of Harvey Norman as a number of electrical retailers can be seen getting rid of the stock. Also the weakness in the market of housing affects massively with respect to household products and white good sales. The two main challenges are in context with migrating sales out of the internet along with the weakness in the numbers of housing. The debt of company is set at reasonable ground, and there still seems to be a decent dividend across the table limiting the downside within shares. There are also certain comments of optimism across the outlook in the businesses of Europe, but the bigger doubt has been marking over the competitive level of Australia remaining and not answering the tag lines of omni- channel (Bruce, 2012). The organization said its integrated strategy of online marketing would be leaving it with a competitive capability and advantage for seeking advantage to upswing in confidence of consumer. Nonetheless, the online operations of the company in New Zealand and Australia will be delivering incremental revenue. The company has been continuously implementing the program of supply chain and merchandizing which will be delivering an improvement of information from both, the customers and the suppliers. The key objective is for maintaining seamless experience of customer across each and every channel.
There is huge significance of the market power of Katie Page and Gerry Harvey. The power couple has been successful in steering the entire business organization. With a number of shopper offerings of multiple platforms, rigorous strategy of advertising and confidence within the brand, the pair has been fighting across online only and international competitors for remaining as the leading furniture and electronics retailers of the country (Nauman, 2014). They can also consider bucking each and every trend of brand to favour digital retail in comparison with the traditional retail by an increased number of stores in franchising, and has been further making in their model of business. The future of the business organization and the entrepreneur will be relying upon how there is establishing of business momentum and how there is crafting of positive coverage.