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目前有一种较为乐观的立场,它采取的是一种调和的立场,即全球化是积极的,脆弱的关键领域可以由国际组织加以管理。这方面的监管可以由个别国家和世界各国控制。各国政府可以制定一项不严格保护主义的政策,使各国的土著公司不致在世界舞台上受到剥削。各国和各国政府都有一定的监管和监督,确保各国资源和人民在这一过程中不被剥削。全球金融机构、IMP、世界银行等是全球金融市场的监管者(Stromquist, and Monkman, 2014)。



加拿大代写被抓 :适度乐观的立场和治理

There is a moderately optimistic position that operates on a conciliatory stand that takes up the notion that globalization is positive and the key areas of vulnerabilities can be regulated by international organizations. This aspect of regulation can be controlled by individual nations and the world nations. Individual governments can set a policy that is not rigidly protectionist to enable that the indigenous companies of the nations are not being exploited in the world arena. All the countries and their respective government have some form of regulation and oversight to see that the countries resources and the people are not exploited in this process. Global financial institutions, IMP, World bank etc are the worldwide regulators of the financial markets (Stromquist, and Monkman, 2014).
This product and consumption has lead to increase in the technology, ease of production and also availability of the products. The disproportionate growth and the outsourcing of operations has lead to the world countries to be affected in this process. Product and its consumption has become obscured in this process.
These are the overall impacts of globalization on the world. Nevertheless this globalization can lead to downward spiraling of effects in the economy. This has been clearly elucidated in the Chinese economic crisis of 2015. This crisis has lead to the whole world being impacted owing to these processes. The Chinese economic crisis has been explaining in detail to elucidate the how the impact of the financial crisis in China or rather a single countries financial crisis causes detrimental effects to the whole world owing to the impact of globalization. This has been investigated with the academic theories.