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安·兰德认为资本主义是一种道德社会制度。其目标是基于产品的内在价值理论和人的伦理道德。根据资本主义的观点,财富的创造是基于精神和物质的。生存的根本在于资本主义的观念。许多历史学家指出,如果没有枪支,美国的发展将会受到阻碍。左轮手枪的目的是保护所有者(Rand et al., 1986)。使用枪支使人们能够自我保护,并促进人们保护他们免受危险(Rand et al., 1986)。它帮助美国军队获得了独立,也促进了一个主权国家的发展。许多欧洲定居者从这项技术中受益。

加拿大代写被抓 :有关资本主义的批判性分析

塞缪尔·柯尔特是美国发明家和实业家。他创立了Colts左轮手枪,还制造了水雷(Houze, Cooper &Kornhauser, 2006)。他被发现大规模生产武器,并向参与战争的人出售武器。柯尔特是美国最富有的人之一,死于1862年。




加拿大代写被抓 :有关资本主义的批判性分析

Ayn Rand states that the capitalism is a moral social system. The objective is based on the theory of the innate value of the product and the ethics of the people. According to the capitalistic notions creation of wealth is based on mind and matter. The essential root of survival is formulated form the notions of capitalism. Many historians state that without the gun the American development would have been stunted. The purpose of a revolver is to protect the owner (Rand et al., 1986). The use of guns enables the people for self-preservation and it promotes the people to protect them from danger (Rand et al., 1986). It had helped the American army to secure independence and also enabled in the growth of a sovereign nation. Many of the European settlers benefitted from this technology.

加拿大代写被抓 :有关资本主义的批判性分析

Samuel colt was an American Inventor and an industrialist. He founded the Colts revolver and also made underwater mines (Houze, Cooper &Kornhauser, 2006). He was found to mass produce weapons and sold weapons to the people who were involved in the war. Colts died in 1862 as one of the wealthiest people in America.
The thesis statement that has been made is that Colts was a capitalist who sold people a product that was required by the masses. The second thesis statement is that capitalism is based on innovation and delivering what the market requires. Colt was able to develop a product that the people needed and hence he is a good businessman.

It is true that the gun had caused more damage than the traditional arrow that was used during the time. The sheer volume of destruction was based on the guns that were used. This innovative discovery had caused many people to lose their lives.
Hence the purpose of this analysis is rooted in the notion of the need of the gun and also in the capitalism. Colt was a businessman who sold what the people had needed. He did not force anyone to buy his material nor did he tell the people to kill. The gun is a weapon and the usage of the gun depends on the people. It is the role of the governmental legislation to mandate gun laws certainly does not have to be dependent on the developer of a weapon. It is for this reason that he is considered as an innovative inventor who sold a product that was based on the market requirements.