Assignment First

  本篇加拿大代写被抓-运营管理与质量讲了公司的绩效目标主要是质量和可靠性。在质量方面,博斯以其卓越的技术满足客户的要求。然而,质量的提高是建立在技术、制造和营销这三条腿之上的。为了让客户满意,每一个都必须工作协调一致。“博斯的战略是将技术与有创造力的人结合起来,开发出高性能、简单易用而又复杂的产品。要想成功地与规模大十倍或二十倍的其他公司竞争,博斯必须“在一个平衡的基础上”(穆迪,1991,第17页)。在技术方面,Bose利用创新的工程技术来定制和改进扬声器和听觉系统。产品和工艺技术是运营管理的一部分。随着公司寻找新技术,这两项技术都将得到改进。在制造方面,公司主要从事两大业务,即音频业务和自动化以及与汽车的集成。最初,当公司的制造部门与不同的供应商合作时,公司的质量目标几乎没有受到影响。本篇加拿大代写被抓文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Operations Management and Quality

  The performance objectives for the company are mainly quality and dependability. In terms of quality, Bose strives by means of its technological excellence to meet customer requirements. However, quality grows on three legs of excellence, which are technology, manufacturing and marketing. Each of them must work coherently for customers to be satisfied. “Bose’s strategy has been to combine technology with creative people to develop products that offer high performance, and are simple to use, yet sophisticated. To compete successfully against other companies ten or twenty times larger, Bose must be “on a balanced base” (Moody, 1991, p.17). In terms of technology, Bose makes use of innovative engineering to customize and improve speaker and hearing systems. Product and process technologies are a part of operations management. They will both be improved as the company searches for newer technologies. In terms of manufacturing, the company works on two main segments, which are the audio business, and the automation and integration with automobiles. The company suffered little in its quality objective initially when the manufacturing leg of the company worked with different suppliers.

  Parts for manufacturing came from a diverse segment of suppliers. Some came from Framingham, some from Mexico, the Far East, etc. This manufacturing component where the company had to rely on cyclical supplies led to issues for the company. A form of seasonality was hence created. It was for addressing this seasonality and meeting the performance objectives in quality that the JIT II model came into existence.