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加拿大代写-Cash dividend rule。Share values which are the main variables factors of this share market to ensure the profitability of the shareholders, should be observed very carefully to measure its definition and fluctuation in different cases. The price of assets is used to be determined by its volume, timeline and cash assets. Basically, there are two ways of cash distribution among the shareholders:
Cash dividends
Stock repurchases
Whereas, cash dividend method is renowned in terms of cash distribution. Basically two main policies of an organization are connected with disbursement of cash to the shareholders. The first being the dividend policy and the other being the buy-back policy of the organization (Frankfurter, Wood & Wansley, 2003). The dividend policy of the organization depends on various factors such as the segment or the industry, in which the organization operates, the outlook of the investors, beta of the organization and others. The sections of this essay have been attempted with the purpose of throwing light on such factors which impact the decisions in this regards.
Throughout the discussion of dividend policy, it has been established that dividend is such a component which is actively decided and fixed by management decisions and it could vary as per market scenario. The managed elements would not have any related validation throughout the processes. If there is an overflow of dividend amount that has been paid to shareholders, the share and stock value of that organization will fall downwards. Hence from the above discussion it can be seen that organizations resort to dividend payment activities in order to build a steady history of dividend payments which in turn is used to attract investors. The organizations also resort to buyback and high dividends when it is believed that the investors or the shareholders would be able to earn higher returns than the organization. This happens when the organization is not left with a suitable avenue of investment. As is evident the decision to pay or not to pay dividends really depends on the circumstances within which the organization operates and the risk perception of the firm and its investors. As a consequence there is no golden rule to paying dividends or in other words disbursing or withholding cash.

加拿大代写 -Cash dividend rule。股票价值是这个股票市场的主要变量因素,为了保证股东的盈利能力,应该非常仔细地观察它的定义和在不同情况下的波动。资产价格通常由其数量、时间和现金资产决定。基本上,股东之间的现金分配有两种方式:



而现金股利法则以现金分配而闻名。基本上,一个组织的两项主要政策与向股东支付现金有关。第一个是股利政策,另一个是组织的回购政策(Frankfurter, Wood & Wansley, 2003)。组织的股利政策取决于各种因素,如组织所处的部门或行业、投资者的前景、组织的贝塔系数等。本文的各个部分都试图阐明影响这方面决策的这些因素。