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  本篇加拿大代写-动机讲了根据Bulkus和Green(2009)的说法,动机是由“motivation”这个词获得的,这个词的意思是移动或者影响一个欲望的实现。根据Bartol和Martin(2008)的观点,动机被描述为一种力量,它通过允许一条通向行为的途径并触发持续的能力来帮助强化行为。这样的解释描述了为了实现目标的确定性,人们需要确保他们本质上是热情的,并且需要明确他们的决心。本篇加拿大代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  According to Bulkus and Green (2009), motivation is obtained from the term “Motivate” meaning to move or influence for fulfilment of a want. According to Bartol and Martin (2008), motivation has been described as a power that helps in strengthening behaviour by allowing a pathway to behaviour and triggering the capability of continuing. Such an explanation depicts that for attaining assurance of targets, people need to ensure that they are essentially passionate and need to have clarity over their determinations. With regard to the perception of Bartol et al, (2008), it is an inner drive of satisfying an unsatisfied requirement and it consists of a will for such accomplishment. Motivation furthermore is a progressive move and support directed towards a positive behaviour. It is an inner strength which helps in driving people to pull off individual goals in an organization (Bennis, 1989). Motivation consists of various courses with regard to strength that offers in boosting performance and directing people towards accomplishing certain definitive target sets.


  Each organization has a concern over what it needs to do for achieving higher performance levels across its working force. This implies to give closer focus on how people can be properly motivated through medium such as offering rewards, incentives and even allowing them to be promoted. The motivation related study has a focus basically on why people behave in a specific manner. Generally, it can be depicted as a direction and action persistence (Boldman, 2003). It has a concern over why individuals make a choice for selected action course in comparison to the others and the reason why they continue showing such actions often for a longer time period. This depicts, motivation can be said to lie at the core of how things are done innovatively and productively in a firm. It can be established that motivation as a relationship with certain factors which in turn influence the behaviour of people in specific ways. According to Banjoko, (2010), there are 3 motivation based components inclusive of direction, offering effort and being persistent.