加拿大代写essay 12-13


AMOS was one of the first applications that offered Full Information Maximum
Likelihood (FIML) to deal with the item called non-response, which reduces statistical power and may lead to biased parameter estimates. The usual assumptions about uncorrelated uniqueness and a simple structure factor pattern in the measurement model are applied. When there is only one item representing a latent construct, in this thesis for example behaviour, the measurement error cannot be estimated but has to be set to a fixed value. So, the error variance is fixed to zero.
After collecting the data researcher searches various methodologies which go through the methodology for finding the answer. He chooses the suitable technique, formula, algorithms, and methods for the customer data base. Researchers Collects the entire customer buying transaction database. After collecting the data, researcher selects the suitable method from various alternatives. He select association rule for checking the association between the various products which are bought by the customer. He implement the market Basket Analysis for this database.
For example according to the output association rule,
The association rule will have the following form X→ Y that form has meaning that people who bought items of set x are often also bought items on set Y e.g. if X = { sugar, wheat} and Y ={Rice, Pulses} and we get association rule indicates that people who bought sugar and wheat also bought Rice and pulses. Support is the frequency of transaction to have all the items on both sets and Y are bought together.






关联规则将有以下形式→,形式是有意义的,人们谁买了项目集×往往也买了项目集你如果×= {糖,小麦和水稻= { } },脉冲和我们得到的关联规则表明,人谁买了糖和小麦也买了大米和豆类。支持的频率是交易的所有项目都和你一起买。