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Reaction to the Film
Watching the film The Essential Blue Eyed was an eye opener for me, I literally had to hold back my tears. The whole 50 minutes were very emotional and exhausting for me. Being a white skinned person, I have always been the privileged person of the society and have never faced any discrimination or opposition. I always thought that everyone was treated they way I was treated and all were made equal. I never realized that my comfort with the ‘white-world’ had contributed to the anguish and misery of others. The film’s content made me feel selfish that I had never thought about the consequences of being white and how devastating it must have been for the people of colour.
Initially, I felt that Jane Elliot was a bit over the top and exaggerating everything to make her point when she crowded all the blue eyed people in a small room and makes them sit on the floor but the dehumanizing regime she puts them through makes me realize that this is what happens with the people of colour in a typical day of their lives and we whites just don’t realize this reality. But I also feel tremendous guilt that I am secretly glad that I do not have to deal with such humiliation day in and day out.
Get Over Cute!
This was the most memorable part of the video for me, when Jane Elliot asks everyone in the room if they are sad this morning. A girl starts to complain that she had to stay on the carpet, didn’t get any coffee or any donuts. That’s when Elliot says, “I’m going to give you a really valuable piece of advice. Get over cute!’ Get competent. Get trained. Get capable.”
I would definitely recommend to this one of my friends because I think everyone is better off for having watched this video, so that they too can appreciate the suffering that blacks in this country go through and understand and become aware of the racism which has become in-built in our nature against people of colour. This movie should also be shown in high-schools because the conflicts and rate of racial behaviour is really high over there and kids need to learn and be taught to be acceptable and tolerable of people from other races and cultures. They need to be in each other’s shoes to really appreciate cultural and racial diversity.


Everyone is taught to be different and each personality from the sociology perspective is taken to be unique, yet there is racism and social discrimination. Does this mean that we have to be different but only to the extent that we are still socially acceptable within the norm? The ‘Big Idea’ of this video was for people to be in someone else’s shoes to be truly able to appreciate and acknowledge the cultural differences and be humble and polite to them instead of being demeaning and humiliating. This documentary vividly proved that even casual bias can be demoralizing and have shocking impact on personal performance of an individual. So we need to take responsibility for building a welcoming and inclusive culture.