Assignment First

  本篇加拿大代写-菲利普戴品牌营销讲了菲利普戴大大提高了品牌的表现,并吸引了大量的客户,因为卓越的性价比的方法在销售产品。除此之外,他还极大地提高了产品和服务的质量。因此,该品牌在市场上获得了足够的声誉和信誉,成为英国市场的关键参与者。因此,它必须不断地与市场上的其他主要参与者竞争。本篇加拿大代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Philip Day tremendously improved the brand performance and attracted a huge number of customers because of the excellent value for money approach in selling products. Besides this, he tremendously improved the quality of products and services. Hence, the brand acquired sufficient fame and credibility in the market and became of the key players in the UK market. Thus, it had to constantly compete with the other major players present in the market. The key competitor of the firm in the market is Marks and Spencers Group. The other major competitors are John Lewis Partnership and Mackays Stores Limited. The fashion industry is typically characterized by cut throat competition because of the changing trends of the fashion industry. However, even in intense competition, Edinburgh Woollen Mills has been able to build a brand which is known for its excellent customer service and the high quality of its products. The group, with the help of significant mergers and strategic acquisitions has built its unique value proposition in the market (Rowley, 2009).

  Various influential factors have helped the firm cope and survive the competition in the market from time to time. As it has been depicted earlier in the report, the firm has undergone some major acquisitions in the market. This has helped the brand not only increase its market presence and build brand value, but it has helped the firm to expand its customer base. This is because the group undertook some major acquisitions of retailers and fashion brands which are well established among the younger generations. These new fashion brands are more in line with the latest fashion. The group is currently well-known among the older generations of men and women, typically above the age of 40 years. For the fast fashion industry, the potential threats can be huge capital requirements and product differentiation since several players dominates the fashion industry. A never ending need of different qualities of products at better prices is always present in the market. Different promotional offers are circulated by different brands every now and then. Hence, relative price performance of other brands can be a major threat for the other brands since customers might be more attracted to choosing and buying products during discount offers, sales or other promotional offers. Slashed prices, clubbed with other attractive offers can draw the attention of even loyal customers easily to choose another brand. In the times of cut throat competition, creating brand loyalty is almost an impossible task to achieve. Thus, by acquiring different brands that cater to a different set of target customers, the group has increased its market share as a whole considerably. Thus, it is clear that the brand has dealt with competition in the market with a strategic marketing plan of acquiring various brands catering to different set of consumers. Furthermore, to maintain capital and liquid cash, these acquisitions have been very strategically taken place. They have spread their acquisitions over a period of time frame. They have also undertaken complete or partial ownership of different brands in the past, as and when required (Love et al., 1988).