Assignment First

加拿大代写-Food and grocery retail。Political factors suggest that serious threats are present for all industries in the face of terrorism. Current terror activates by ISIS are targeting various companies so they can attack big malls and food retail stores. “Food and Grocers” need to design their policies according to these activities for the safety of the customers. Political instability is also impacting on the business operations of food retail stores in the country. Food retail brands are only facing challenges from their competitors because of intense pressure from the customers. Reduction in operational costs will help in balancing the allocation of finance in new areas like customer care and protection.

Emirates airline is facing issues for joining international alliances by other food retail groups because of string policies by the government of Australia. Economic factors are good because strong financial support is present by the government of Australia. Governments are spending more on this segment of the market because of strong returns in revenues. UAE is also planning to invest in food retail brands of Australia because they can benefit from this investment but still they need to work on reducing their operational costs so they can decrease prices (Glassman and Ford, 2008).

When new food retail stores will be developed more customers will come and with the increase of customers food retail sector will flourish. Population of the world is increasing every day and this increase in the population of the world will help in providing more opportunities and segments to the each food retail brand. During 2007 the total population in Australia was 3,754,000 and by 2012 it reached to 4,320,000. More opportunities were created and more people will buy groceries from food retail stores. People prefer buy from food retail stores instead of other stores because they are safe and save more time.

Technological factors are serving as positive and negative indictors. Positive indicators are in the form of new innovations and developments changing the settings of products and services offered by the food retail stores. On the other hand these innovations and technological advancements are putting pressure on some companies because they have to face competition. Example: new technology of teleconferencing helped in reducing the need of face to face business meetings. When people can video chat why will they travel and conduct meetings? Online grocery shopping on the other hand has served positive benefits to food retail companies because it saves time. Growth in internet usage is expected in the following years and demand for online shopping has also increased. “Food and Grocers” needs to work on targeting these customers using internet facilities.

For “Food and Grocers” legal conditions are not an issue because the company has strong market share and governments are not designing new policies that can disturb current operations of “Food and Grocers”.

加拿大代写 -Food and grocery retail。 政治因素表明,面对恐怖主义,所有行业都面临严重威胁。目前ISIS发动的恐怖袭击针对的是各种各样的公司,这样他们就可以袭击大型商场和食品零售店。为了顾客的安全,“食品和杂货商”需要根据这些活动来设计他们的政策。政治不稳定也影响着该国食品零售店的经营。由于来自消费者的巨大压力,食品零售品牌只面临来自竞争对手的挑战。降低运营成本将有助于平衡在客户关怀和保护等新领域的资金分配。

阿联酋航空(Emirates airlines)正面临其它食品零售集团加入国际联盟的问题,原因是澳大利亚政府的一系列政策。经济因素是好的,因为澳大利亚的政府提供了强有力的财政支持。由于收入的强劲回报,政府正在加大对这部分市场的投入。阿联酋也计划投资澳大利亚的食品零售品牌,因为他们可以从这项投资中获益,但他们仍然需要努力降低运营成本,以便降低价格(Glassman and Ford, 2008)。