Assignment First

  本篇加拿大代写-快乐的空间讲了空间与空间是联系在一起的,它关系到城市居民的福祉。Petermans and Nuyts(2016)探索了影响人们幸福感的内外部因素。每一个向用户开放的空间都有影响活动和生活环境因素的倾向。作者开发了一个名为幸福圈的框架。这个圆圈的目的是利用空间来促进身体健康、社会关系、工作管理、个人生活对自然的倾向和自我管理。本篇加拿大代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Tyrvainen et al (2013) have studied a number of urban environments to give a generalized view about the elements that promote health and wellbeing. The authors have perhaps highlighted the association of psychological and physiological elements with the urban design. A happy space according to them is an environment that creates a positive mood and develops creativity that proliferate the concentration on their personal and professional lives. With the evaluation of a city centre located in Finland’s capital Helsinki, the author has suggested the best measure to build a quality environment for the people to lead a happy life. Happiness is a simple agent of emotion that shows satisfaction but it is the authors of this source who explained the kind of accessories and materials that motivate and relieve stress of its users. Urban areas in general possess a number of users on a daily basis and their retention level is entirely based on the design and architecture that can instil happiness, satisfaction and development in life. The authors have applied to people of all ages in the urban areas and this research is indeed helpful to apply to a public space in the future.

  3. Happy place and happy space

  Petermans, A., & Nuyts, E. (2016). Happiness in Place and Space. Amsterdam: 10th international conference on design and emotion.

  Place and space are interrelated to develop the wellbeing of the urban residents. Petermans and Nuyts (2016) have explored the aspects in the interior and exterior regions that contribute to happiness of the people. Every space open to the user has a tendency to influence the activities and life circumstantial factors. The authors have developed a framework named as happiness circle. The intention of this circle is to use the space to promote physical wellbeing, social relationships, work management, inclination of personal life to nature and self management. The source is extremely important to determine the accessories and designs required to design a public space. This idea of happiness circle is also applicable to private space where the social interactions are limited and the attitudes of people need to be managed effectively. The source has also added value to the future research with the detailing of life circumstances and factors that are needed in the space and place to handle the circumstances. The authors have tried to give better understanding on difference between architecture and interior architecture in the urban environment.