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加拿大代写论文 :有关美国枪支法的问题讨论


加拿大代写论文 :有关美国枪支法的问题讨论

United States has been in continued controversy about the issue of gun law and the decision to fix the loss of lives originates from gun related actions. The country is facing deaths which are resulting not only from mass terrorist attacks but also from individuals owning guns and having no control over its use. Thus it leads critiques to point back the finger at the law that governs the ownership and use of gun in the US. Since everything in a democracy starts with the formulation of a law that binds society and governs the peaceful conduct of all with the least amount of attempts to abolish peace, the question really comes back to the quality of the law, the relevancy of the law, and the enforcement of the law concerning gun ownership.
This essay argues that gun laws must be amended to a great extent because in order to fix the after effects of any act, the seed of the act must be fixed firstly so that the resulting impacts are different from those unexpected and undesired.

加拿大代写论文 :有关美国枪支法的问题讨论

US has not done anything when requested by gun control advocates to amend the law and has continued to not hear to such pleas. This indicates that the country is not serious. The country that advises globally and openly to other smaller economies must clean its own backyard as it has the largest homicide rates among OECD countries. It must be ashamed of its internal mismanagement and incapacity to enforce strict laws in their country. Until the country takes massive steps to curb gun possession, it will continue to lose innocent children, women and men, to hypocrites who have no control on their emotions. The government loses a lot when lives are lost, but it continues to live in denial of amending the gun law.