Assignment First

  本篇加拿大代写-女性主义讲了人文学科是一门非常广泛的学科,包括语言文学、古典研究、宗教研究等许多方面。这项研究涉及如此多的方面,也产生了有关妇女研究的知识。本章的目的是介绍不同的女性主义学者如何对人文学科中的女性主义知识表征问题进行批判。本篇加拿大代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  UNIT 7: Feminist Literary Criticism

  Unit 7 focuses on feminist scholarship that is present in Humanity studies. The study of humanities is a very vast subject and as such includes many aspects in it from language and literature, classical studies, religious studies and more. In thus involving so many aspects, the study also has produced knowledge pertaining to women studies. It is the purpose of this chapter to present how different feminist scholars have critiqued on the issues of feminist knowledge representation in the discipline of humanities.

  UNIT 8: Feminist Pedagogy

  Pedagogy is the art of teaching and this unit deals with how the feminist pedagogy can be engaged in such that the ideals of feminism are presented in a clear way. Feminist pedagogy is a much larger element and its intention as the unit presents must be focused on how to empower women in a larger magnitude rather than have empower women in small circles. Different definitions, the roles and the goals of pedagogy are presented in detail in this Unit. While the other units focused on women studies, this unit focuses on how women studies have to be taught.