Assignment First

  本篇加拿大代写-松露咖啡馆的营销方法讲了项目范围的目的是分析和建议使用社交媒体营销策略松露咖啡馆的有效方法。在分析的基础上,报告最后对松露咖啡馆的营销提出了建议。本篇加拿大代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The purpose of project scope is to analyse and suggest effective ways of using social media marketing strategies for Truffle Café. Based on analysis, the report concludes with recommendations for Truffle Café’s marketing.

  2.1 Statement of Issue Facing Organisation

  The café lacks a steady stream of customers. The business is seen to be relatively busy on Saturdays and Sundays. All other days are quieter because of there being lesser customers who visit the café in the weekends. This has been a continuing trend with the café for some time now. The Café believes in the café culture of Wellington and has always relied on word of mouth marketing and point of sale marketing (within the café) to speak for its products and services. However, as there was no improvement in the number of consumers over the weekdays, the café decided to launch a Facebook page. The Facebook page was launched two months ago and so far, has only got 32 likes. This could be the result of two things. Firstly, the current social media marketing strategy is limited and secondly, social media platforms are not effectively used. Social media marketing hence has to be improved in order to attract newer and retain existing customer clientele.

  2.2 Catalyst

  Any issue for an organization exacerbates or comes to become a quick concern because of a catalyst (Lee & Ma, 2012). A catalyst is usually an event or some substance that drives a change. In this case, a catalyst has directed the need for Truffle Café to look into consumer strengths and social media marketing. Truffle café has to ensure that the issue is handled in more current time before its very sustenance gets threatened.

  The catalyst: The area where Truffle Café is situated is soon going to see the launch of a newer Café bar. This is the catalyst. Truffle Café is already struggling with attracting better sales during the weekdays. Now the establishment of a new café will lead to more declining sales and profits, so the café has to address this issue. The Café has to improve on its marketing.

  Firstly, compared to investing in more traditional forms of marketing, Truffle café would be able to invest lesser in social media marketing. Secondly, in addition to its traditional forms of marketing, non-traditional forms such as social media marketing will have a wider reach. Finally, the increasing competitive cafes being established in the location have taken up to using social media strategies too, so it is vital for Truffle Café to also revamp their social media marketing strategies.