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  本篇加拿大代写-移民增长的利与弊讲了当社会发生变化时,人们会问的最重要的问题是它所造成的影响。由于移民的涌入,这些国家也面临着一些问题。为了制定具有凝聚力的政策决策,需要探讨这些变化的积极方面和问题。在此分析中,将对这一趋势进入全国进行批判性的讨论。本篇加拿大代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Migration increase accounted for 54% in Australia. The argument that will be made in this analysis is that it is a positive trend. The Australian population will reach 24 million where there will be growth based on the newer migrants into the nation. Originally, the migration figures were between 8 million to 12 million (Hollifield, Martin & Orrenius, 2014). However, with the influx of migration into the nation, there has been a steady increase in the number of immigration. When a change occurs in society, the most important question that the people would ask is the impact that it causes. There are also certain issues that the nations face owing to the influx of immigrants into the country. The positive and the issues of these changes need to be probed in order to develop cohesive policy decisions. In this analysis, there will be critical discussion of this trend into the nation.

  It will be deemed that immigration is positive for the recipient nation. The reasons for the benefits of immigration are explored in the following.

  The increase in migration causes the people to fill the job and the skill gaps that are needed in the nation will be fulfilled. There will be economic growth in the nation. Generally, when more number of people want to enter a nation, it implies that the nation is economically sound. This would bring in newer positive trade relations in the nation. Based on immigration, there can be depression of the wages. The number of people in the worker pool will be increased. This would invariably cause the companies to gain more employment applicants (Markus, 2014). In the process of negotiation, they can suppress the wages of the people. There will be lowering of the quality of life by the people who are citizens of the nation. In the country of origin, there will be loss of these young workers and there can be social problems for the number of people choosing to leave the country. The nations can start to lose their original identity and an integrated ideology that focusses on the globalist attitude will start to pervade in the nations. This might not be welcomed by all the members in the society.