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通过营销的过程,顾客能够了解到一种产品。毫无疑问,由于广告和营销流程对顾客的影响,顾客获取并记忆信息(Durante et al., 2016)。从这个角度来看,客户接收到的任何消息都是通过三个元素作为刺激而受到影响的。

动机、反应和强化是构成顾客学习的三个要素。动机是所有需要学习的基本事物的驱动力。动机帮助顾客提高对学习形式的反应能力。它进一步有助于能量激活(Madzharov et al., 2015)。因此,参与程度通常有助于确定在产品上搜索数据的动机。举个例子,夏季产品的广告会在夏季之前展示,以此来激励消费者。

加拿大电影和电视研究论文代写 :顾客学习三要素

动机进一步激发线索,并在顾客内部学习,以刺激这种动机的方向。此外,线索不像动机那样强烈,但从顾客对这些动机的反应方式来看,它们的影响是显而易见的(Solomon, 2014)。一个例子可以被引用,在一个市场或一个商店的品牌,风格,包装,和显示在商店和价格是线索,帮助客户决定一个特定的产品。然而,这只有在客户有购买动机时才会发生。因此,营销人员在考虑提供线索时非常谨慎,尤其是考虑到客户的期望是由动机驱动的。

加拿大电影和电视研究论文代写 :顾客学习三要素

Through the process of marketing, customers are able to learn about a product. There is no doubt that the customer obtains the information and memorizes it due to the influence that advertisements and marketing procedure can have over them (Durante et al., 2016). From this perspective, any message that the customer receive is influenced as a stimulus through three elements.
Motivation, response and reinforcement are the three elements comprised within customer learning. Motivation is the force of driving nature of all essential things that require learning. Motives help the customers to enhance their readiness for responding to the forms of learning. It further helps in energy activation (Madzharov et al., 2015). Therefore, the involvement degree generally helps in determining the motivation for searching data over a product. An example can be quoted that advertisement for products of summers are shown right prior to the season of summer to motivate the customers.

加拿大电影和电视研究论文代写 :顾客学习三要素

Motives further motivate cues as well as learning within the customers for stimulating the direction of such motives. Cues furthermore are not as strong as motives are, but their impact is evident in the way that customer provides response to such motives (Solomon, 2014). An example can be quoted that within a market or a store of a brand, style, package, and display in the stores and also prices are cues which help the customers to decide over a specific product. This can however occur only when customer has the motivation of purchasing. Therefore, marketers are very careful when considering the provision of cues particularly to the customers having expectations that are driven through motives.