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  本篇加拿大essay代写-基础设施建设讲了项目中的一些主要限制因素包括考虑人身安全和场地的安全。为了检查风对掩体表面的影响,必须考虑这一点。因为同样的原因,轻的材料可能被扔向顾客。因此,这是需要考虑的主要限制。这个主要的限制可以通过封闭后面的过程来避免,并使两边的开口最小化。与建造有关的费用必须尽量减少。这是一个限制,因为建造成本可能在某一点上非常高。很重要的一点是要在最初可以通过三或四个掩体开始的部分进行设施建设。应该有能力增长,屋顶和掩体的数量。本篇加拿大essay代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The location of the site is such that there is a bush fire prone area near the land. This is an area which can be protected by the bush land. It is important to consider that there is the need to remove or destroy the vegetation in order to do the creation of the defendable space for the purpose of reduction of the risk of the bush fire. This is a site actually situated on the sloping gradient which has a 10 meter fall towards the lake (Victoria, Closed Landfill Guidelines, 2012). The surface water may also have an impact on the site and there may be different flood concerns under some of the extreme conditions.

  It is important to ensure that there should be the futuristic development which maximizes the overall existing infrastructure and also help in the management of some of the future infrastructure.

  Another important strategy is to have the proper floodplain management strategy. This is done in order to do the maximization of the natural function of the floodplains in order to help in the storage of the floodwater and to convey the same in a completely safe manner through the landscape (Hartley, 2015). The Floodplain management strategy includes the process to avoid the development of the land which is prone to the flood wherever it is not possible.

  Another policy is related to the infrastructure. This includes that there should be the equitable provision of the services in such a manner that actually can be responsive as per the need.

  Including constrains, standards and codes and ongoing management

  Some of the major constraints in the projects include the consideration to have the personal safety and the security of the site. It is important to have the consideration in order to check the effect of the winds which blow up on the face of the bunkers. Because of the same, the light materials may be thrown at the customers. Therefore, this is major constraints which are required to be considered. This major constraint can be avoided through the process of enclosing the rear and to do the minimization of the opening of the sides. The costs related to the construction are required to be minimized. This is a constraint as the cost of construction may be very high at one point. It is important to do the building of the facility in the sections which can be initially started through three or four bunkers. There should be the ability to grow, the roof and the numbers of bunkers.