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社交场所与物理场所之间存在着电子媒介的分离。然而,电子媒体常常助长一个地方的情感依恋。即使在不久以前,也只有一小部分人一生中旅行的半径超过几英里。在工业革命之前,人们就已经预先决定了一个人出生的地点和地点之间的联系。每个人都认识当地的人。当地的空间构成了每个人的体验。对地方的认同是有意识的,而且有很多,几乎没有其他任何可感知的选择。今天的全球化确保了地方之间的联系发生了一场革命(Relph, 1976)。它的注意力也具有类似的相互矛盾的性质。然而,具有讽刺意味的是,人们对频繁搬迁的地方有着明显的热情。



加拿大essay代写 :全球化下的社交媒体

There is dissociation by electronic media between the social place and the physical place. Yet, often, there is fostering by the electronic media with regards to a place’s emotional attachments. Even not so long ago, there was only a small segment of population that travelled greater than a few miles of radius in their entire lives. Prior to the industrial revolution, there was predetermination with regards to the connections to place by where an individual is born. Everyone knew each other that were local. The local space framed the experiences of everyone. The identification with place was conscious and a lot, and there was hardly any other perceived choices. The globalization of today has ensured that with regards to the connection of places, there has been a revolution (Relph, 1976). The attention of it has been with similar conflicting attributes. However, it is an irony that there is explicit passion with regards to the localities featured with frequent relocations.
The globalization has been the Westernization, although partly. There is a trend of decentralization of globalization, not really because of the group of nations’ control or for the transnational corporations. The identification of Western goods that spread to the other parts of the world is an emerging capitalist monoculture with an offering of culture’s impoverished view by reducing the culture to mere material goods.
There should be modifications related to the claims of globalization in taking greater account of perseverance in relation to the national media. The content organizations and the media institutions are recipient of certain magnitude of nationwide supervision and regulations. Some important claims are challenged with this, helping in clearing grounds for the merit’s better appreciations related to different research agendas and perspectives. There is clarity regarding the convergent, divergent, and diverse trajectories and trends that have interactions across the system of media. The interaction that is local or global has been capturing some of the processes’ richness, but the tendency has been for the offering of national media system’s poor account. In a complex and diverse media environment, it is easier in moving beyond the local and global interactions, especially those theories related to culture that have the tendency of association with deterritorialism with local and progressive cosmopolitanism with identification that is ultimately reactionary.