Assignment First


这些数据的分析基于Manav Gulzar社区太阳能光伏技术的有效性。将被分析的类别是经济、技术、环境和社会影响。分析被分类为社会维度。这两个社区的研究结果将由分析决定。本研究不包括太阳能光伏技术的技术层面。



在收集的数据的帮助下,研究者将能够评估太阳能光伏技术在Manav Gulzar通信中的有效性。数据的收集比原始数据的收集容易得多。因此,它更经济,容易和省时。定量数据是可测量的,包括离散数据。连续数据是可以用数字来估计的东西。


The analysis of the data is based on the effectiveness of the solar PV technology in the Manav Gulzar community. The categories that would be analyzed are economic, technical, environmental and social impacts. The analysis has been classified under the social dimensions. The findings from both communities would be determined by the analysis. The research study does not include the technical dimensions of the solar photovoltaic technology.


The research will collect quantitative data to analyze the research topic. The quantitative data will be collected from secondary sources such as internet, books, and journals. The researcher will analyze the collected data on the basis of their nature and pattern. The quantitative data collection is the numerical data which would be determined and analyzed by assisting different tools and techniques. The data will provide significant and detailed information of the research topic. The process will record large observations, and it is less time to consume and easy. The collection of data adds value and quality in the research process by enlarging the skill and knowledge platform.

The collection of data is much easier than the collection of primary data. Thus, it is more economy, easy and time-saving. The quantitative data is measurable and includes discrete data. The continuous data is the things that can be estimated in terms of numbers.