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学习是个体与其外部环境相互作用后的一种行为变化。根据科特勒的定义,学习包括个人行为的改变,这种改变来自于经验。人类的大部分行为都是通过时间和经验习得的(Durante et al., 2016)。一个人碰了一个很热的炉子,然后受伤,这是一个人学习互动的例子。这一学习帮助他以后不再碰这么热的炉子。大部分的行为、态度、偏好、象征本质的含义以及顾客所拥有的情感都来自teach (Solomon, 2014)。人们从事购买物品,然后根据他们是否喜欢质量、产品、服务和价格来决定将来是否购买。此外,毫无疑问,组织帮助他们的消费者学习他们的产品,为他们的产品或服务创造一种积极的感觉。这反过来又允许在竞争中获得更高的利益。

加拿大essay代写 :学习和行为之间的关系


学习被认为更有可能发生,其中结果和行为之间的关系可以被个体理解和学习(Durante et al., 2016)。然而,在没有有意识地学习关系的情况下,学习仍然可能发生。另一个问题是消除和加固计划。人们认为灭绝的发生是由于行为没有产生后果,行为的发生最终停止。

加拿大essay代写 :学习和行为之间的关系

Learning is a behavior change after the interaction between individuals and their external environment. By kotler’s definition, learning involves a change in the behavior of an individual, which results from experience. Most human behaviors are learned through time and experience (Durante et al., 2016). A person who touches a hot stove and gets hurt is an example of a person learning to interact. This learning helped him not to touch such a hot stove again. Most behaviors, attitudes, preferences, symbolic essence and emotions of customers are taught (Solomon, 2014). People engage in buying things and then decide whether to buy in the future based on whether they like quality, products, services and prices. In addition, there is no doubt that organizations help their consumers learn about their products and create a positive feeling for their products or services. This, in turn, allows for greater gains in competition.

加拿大essay代写 :学习和行为之间的关系

There are many factors that affect the effectiveness of operational learning. In general, the closer the consequences of a behavior are in terms of time, the more efficient learning is. An obvious example of this is the use of power facilities. These utilities, in turn, have a bigger impact on customers because they use less power during peak hours. A coin-operated slot machine is a good example of a customer who must pay for electricity when it is used, rather than at the end of the month.

Learning is considered more likely to occur, where the relationship between outcomes and behaviors can be understood and learned by individuals (Durante et al., 2016). However, learning can occur without a conscious learning relationship. Another problem is the elimination and reinforcement program. It is believed that extinction occurred because the act did not produce consequences and the act eventually stopped.