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管理者应该使用预测模型来识别来自员工的阻力区域。应该有一个冲突解决管理到位,管理人员应该期待来自员工的阻力(Nystrom和Starbuck, 2015)


加拿大essay代写 :针对联盟公司提出的建议





加拿大essay代写 :针对联盟公司提出的建议

The following recommendations have been proposed for Alliance Company.
The managers should use a forecast model to identify the areas of resistance from the employees. There should be a conflict resolution management in place and the management should expect resistance from the employees (Nystrom and Starbuck, 2015)
According to Dewey (1933), three kinds of strategies aid in dealing with resistance of the employees. The first strategy is developing empathy towards the employees. Hofestede culture model can be used by the employees to understand the different cultures and their perceptions. The uncertainty of the employees should be assuaged by the management and they should provide culture training along with technical training.

加拿大essay代写 :针对联盟公司提出的建议

The second strategy mentioned by Dewey (1933) is to ensure that there is proper communication that is effective between the teams. Individual teams and their managers should learn to collaborate among themselves and also ensure that they communicate their requirements to the virtual teams.
Dewey (1933) states that the third strategy is to increase employee involvement. The involvement would reduce resistance towards change by the companies. The coercive leadership style should be changed towards more collaborative efforts.
The management should completely change its focus and its leadership style towards more collaborative efforts where all the employee’s views are heard. The employs should feel comfortable to ensure that they are productive and innovative in meeting the external demands (Anderson, 2013).
Finally, these changes require continual monitoring to meet the external environment objectives.